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  • 1. How does this work?

    a. You find a Panel you’d like to speak on and sign up (see next Q).
    b. Read our Panel Prep Flyer and watch the Program Overview Video
    c. Join in on a New Volunteer call (Tuesday’s at 12pm)
    d. The teacher will email you a couple weeks before the event to check in and give you any important details about the school (parking, checking in, etc)
    e. Speak on the Panel and inspire girls!

  • 2. How do I sign up?

    You can sign up on the event’s website page  or by emailing elizabeth@ignite-worldwide.org

  • 3. How do I learn about events?

    We send out event information using our email list (sign up here) and on our website calendar.

  • 4. Where will events be held?

    At different middle and high schools in the greater Seattle area.

  • 5. How should I dress?

    Wear whatever you usually would- we want girls to see that all types of women work in STEM careers.

  • 6. I didn't graduate/ don’t have a STEM degree but work in a STEM field- what should I say about that?

    It’s great that you are successful despite following a nontraditional path, however it is increasingly more competitive and difficult to do this (and to move around once you have a career). If you were a teenager today what would you tell yourself about taking STEM classes and preparing for your future? Even a 2 year STEM degree could make a difference in creating an attainable future in STEM.

  • 7. Should I create a Powerpoint or slide deck of some kind?

    Sometimes having a visual can be really helpful- if you have some slides you’d like to share we are happy to have them. You’ll have 3-7 minutes to talk so be thoughtful about what you’d like to help illustrate your career/journey. That said, it is not necessary to have any visuals- your story is always enough!

  • 8. Will I get to know my co-panel members beforehand?

    You can! Just email elizabeth@ignite-worldwide.org and she’ll introduce you to each other.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with IGNITE! If the above information does not answer your questions please feel free to email elizabeth@ignite-worldwide.org.

Before speaking on a Panel you must listen to the below audio. If you have more questions please contact us.