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The IGNITE Mission

IGNITE’s mission is to create opportunities to spark girls’ excitement about technology careers and inspire them to new possibilities. IGNITE lights them up. Self-identifying girls and non-binary students in grades K-12, and college from all backgrounds interact with professional women in technology careers during the school day. Young women and non-binary students glimpse themselves as innovators and entrepreneurs through stories of successful women who work and live in their communities. Working with teachers, IGNITE increases girls and non-binary students interest and participation in computer science and engineering classes.

With the growth and positive outcomes IGNITE has created, a demand for the program in elementary schools and colleges has arisen. IGNITE’s mission now encompasses girls and non-binary students at every level of their education.


How does IGNITE work?

  • Teachers are trained to become chapter leaders for a school.
  • We support chapter leaders in organizing panel discussions, field trips, and job shadows during the school year.
  • Professional women in STEM careers volunteer and share their knowledge and experience.
  • Self-identifying girls and non-binary students participate in chapter events and get inspired.
  • Supporters and corporate sponsors make it all possible.


IGNITE Programs

Panel Discussions

Women in STEM careers visit during a panel discussion to tell their stories of how they pursued their careers and can help the students see what’s possible. The self-identifying girls and non-binary students are inspired by hearing stories they can relate to help them plan their future careers.

Field Trips

Field trips to corporations are held during the school day to introduce self-identifying girls and non-binary students to how women use and advance technology daily in their work and show the many different types of STEM careers that one company can have. Field trips to community college and universities also highlight the STEM major programs, talks by professors and professional women.

Programming or Interactive Workshops

Corporate and College field trips usually include at least one interactive workshop for the self-identifying girls and non-binary students that can include programming or brainstorming or design activities. Sometimes these classes are also held at the school sponsored by a corporation.

Job Shadow

Self-identifying girls and non-binary students visit a business workplace for 3-4 hours and shadow a mentor who shows them how they work, from sitting in on team collaboration meetings to pair- programming and a Q&A session.

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