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In 1984, I made the decision that a Secretarial position was not going to be my life career. I finished my AA in Business Administration and then took a course to be an Electronic Technician at the local junior college. After six months of class and only one of a few women that finished! I was offered an Electronic Technician Position with Boeing working on the Minuteman Missile Program. I worked in a Developmental Test Lab and tested Hardware and Software for the Air Force. I loved my job.


Then I started working with the world of Local Area Networks/Wide Area Networks (Routers, Bridges, Concentrators, Multiplexors, and High speed data transmission lines). I finished my Bachelor of Science in 1997 and decided I could go anywhere now. I liked my job, but I wanted to Engineer Networks. I heard there was a position available at Microsoft, so I decided to try for it. After going through one of the longest interview processes, I was hired. I started with the Development Lab Group (DevNet) and worked on installing networks for Developmental Labs, it was new and exciting!


In the summer of 2000, I took my Certification test for Cisco, and received a Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification. In 2006, I took my Project Management Professional Certification and am a Certified PM.   I worked 17 years at Microsoft in many different types of technical jobs:  I worked for the Network Performance Team.   The Network Performance Team was responsible for monitoring Microsoft’s Wide Area Network, reporting on trends and performance issues, grooming traffic and making circuit sizing recommendations, in order to maximize the efficient utilization of available bandwidth while minimizing overall costs by obviating the need for unnecessary circuit upgrades.  I was responsible for North America including Canada and Latin America.  I went on to be an Integration Manager for the Venture and Integration Team, bringing on new businesses to our network.  I became a Service Manager/Service Engineer for the Tools and Management Team, where I managed the network engineering team and stakeholders for the service.  I finished my career at Microsoft as a Business Manager for the Production Engineering Team, where I assisted with the Rhythm of Business and delivery of the new BI Dashboard.


After leaving Microsoft, I felt the need to continue my work in a contracting position.  Today I work for Insight Global LLC, contracting for T-Mobile as a Project Manager for the Engineering IP Network Infrastructure Organization.  I am responsible for projects related to infrastructure maintenance, driving infrastructure deployments, including build outs or expansions to all Call Centers.  It’s an exciting position and every day is a new day!  I love this job!  Contracting is new to me and this is a one year contract, but the people and the work I am introduced to is so worth it.


I don’t know where I will go next, but if I can give advice to anyone to succeed it’s never quit learning – YOU can do anything you put your mind too!



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