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87% of the girls were MORE interested in a STEM degree or career

70% of the girls want to sign up for a STEM related course next semester

87% of the girls were inspired to work harder to attend college and further their education

Comments from the girls

  • I enjoyed learning about what the women do and how they got there. It inspired me to try new things and not to be scared of new opportunities. 
  • I enjoyed getting to brainstorm problem solutions.
  • I enjoyed the Q&A Panel where we learned about the mentors and how they got their jobs as well as the main event of problem solving  inspired me to look into other jobs in the tech field and to pursue what I enjoy.
  • The Q&A was super inspirational!!! Working in a group gave me an idea of the workspace and what’s expected of employees and colleagues.
  • The stories of the various employees inspired me deeply. I also enjoyed collaborating with other people who I didn’t know.
  • This event gave me an opportunity to come out of my shell and speak in a group of my peers who enjoy the same things I do.
  • I enjoyed the Q&A part of it. It made me realize that I don’t have to know 100% of what I want for my future– it helped me keep my options open.
  • The Panel opened ideas I hadn’t thought of.
  • I learned that you don’t need and education in technology and engineering to do both or either. That inspired me to look into more careers in both.
  • I was inspired to look deeper into electronic design and engineering.
  • I learned about new careers I wasn’t interested in at first. Now it’s becoming a definite possibility.

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