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Panel presentations are what make IGNITE effective and unique! They are an essential event that sparks girls' curiosity in STEM. We recommend that IGNITE chapters host a Panel at the beginning of the school year, and another at the beginning of the second semester. This way, students know all about IGNITE & opportunities in STEM before registering for classes and/or attending an IGNITE Field Trip.

IGNITE Panels are in-school STEM career presentations for girls & gender diverse students.  Your students will get the chance to hear from professional women in STEM fields. Each IGNITE Panel begins with the speakers sharing about their journey to a career in STEM, obstacles they overcame, and what advice they have for students. The second-half of the Panel is a Q&A session.

Once you fill out our Panel sign up form, IGNITE will recruit 3-6 speakers for you and contact you to confirm the details.

You can read about recent IGNITE Panels on our blog to learn more.

IGNITE Field Trips

IGNITE has partnerships with many amazing companies who are ready to host a group of girls and provide them with an unforgettable day!

Field Trips generally start at 10AM and end at 1-1:30PM. While trips will differ depending on which company you visit, each trip is put on by a wonderful team of volunteers who will organize an inspiring & enjoyable day for your students.

Field Trips will include an IGNITE Panel presentation and Q&A session with professional women in STEM fields. The hosting company will also provide you with lunch. You may get to participate in a number of other activities, such as company building tours, workshops, or hands-on STEM activities! All of IGNITE's corporate partners are dedicated to providing your girls & gender diverse students with a fantastic experience to inspire them to look into STEM opportunities.

You can read about recent IGNITE Field Trips on our blog to learn more.

IGNITE Workshops

IGNITE partners with wonderful companies and organizations to offer STEM workshops & activities.

Washington: Microsoft Coding Workshops are very popular- organized by volunteers at Microsoft who teach students introductory coding concepts using their Small Basic program. The day also includes an inspiring Panel presentation by professional women in STEM at Microsoft. Please visit this page to view and register for open Microsoft Coding Workshops. Are you an elementary school teacher? IGNITE can bring a fun and interactive STEM activity + Panel to 4/5th grade girls at your school. For more details, please email

California: IGNITE in California can help you host a variety of STEM workshops, including robotics, coding, maker, and virtual reality (VR). Please fill out this interest form to set up a workshop.

IGNITE Conferences

Each year, IGNITE in Washington state hosts STEM conferences for girls and non-binary students! We offer full-day conferences that include various STEM workshop sessions, lunch, and a Panel presentation by professional women in STEM careers. Each conference hosts around 100 or more students from various schools.  Our longest-standing conference, GLITTER (Get Launched In Technology Through Education & Resources), has taken place at Seattle Central Community College annually for over 15 years.
To see if there is a conference scheduled near you, please view our list of Field Trips.

IGNITE Mentor Program

Are your female & gender-diverse students interested in being mentored by professional women in STEM? IGNITE in Washington state will help match up your students with volunteer mentors, who can help give students advice about their futures and opportunities in STEM. Each mentor will have attended a training session with Cathi Rodgveller, IGNITE's Founder & CEO so they are best prepared to advise students.

Meetings between students and mentors will happen at least once per month- potentially more often depending on the availability of our volunteers. We will ask that all girls/gender-diverse students who are interested fill out a short application so we can best match them with a mentor.

All volunteers who mentor will adhere to your school district's volunteer application procedures.

IGNITE Coding Clubs

You are invited to launch a coding club for girls & gender diverse students at your middle or high school! IGNITE in Washington state will provide you with a hands-on curriculum that guides students through a mobile app development project (including weekly lesson plans and student workbooks). IGNITE will also recruit a volunteer who will mentor and instruct your coding club.
Students will address a problem facing their community by developing their own mobile application. Each week, they will progress through the planning, design, and development phases of their project. Along the way, they will learn important skills ranging from coding basics, to user experience design to writing a business plan. To get started, please submit this form and IGNITE's Program Manager will contact you with more information. Please note this opportunity is currently only available to Washington IGNITE chapters.

New to IGNITE Worldwide?

We'd love to help you start an IGNITE chapter in your school or district!

To get started, please sign up for a Teacher training session. If you have any questions, please contact


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