IGNITE Social Media Manager




Praphanit (Prab) Doowa was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand and moved to Seattle, Washington three years ago to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Nutritional Sciences. She currently works full time as a marketing and technical coordinator at Chameleon Technologies in Kirkland.


Her interest in working with IGNITE stemmed from her days hosting a podcast called Women in STEM as part of her job working at the UW Daily newspaper. After she met and had a podcast interview with Cathi Rodgveller, the CEO and Founder of IGNITE, she wanted to help IGNITE and the amazing work they do for young women. Through her Women in STEM podcast, she learned a lot while engaging in informative and educational conversations with men and women in and around STEM fields. Though she didn’t pursue a degree in STEM, she loves reading and learning about health, bio, and tech.


She hopes to help younger women learn more about the things they are capable of so they can close the gender gap and break gender stereotypes. She currently is part of the IGNITE team as a social media manager.

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