Once you’ve determined the date of your panel, we will recruit the speakers for you. The average IGNITE Panel will have 3-6 speakers and must be 90 minutes in length (less time does not allow for speakers to tell their stories in full or cuts short the q&a portion- both of which are critical parts of the Panel); please do not include set up and clean up in these 90 minutes.
You must give us at least 2 weeks lead time to find volunteers (more than 2 weeks is ideal).

To recruit volunteers send us the following information:

  • Name and location of school where IGNITE Panel will be held
  • IGNITE Chapter Leader hosting the event (email address and cell number)
  • Date and Time (IGNITE Panels must be 90 minutes in length)
  • Arrival time for speakers

As volunteers sign up, I will forward their information to you. You must email the volunteers and introduce yourself. It is very important that you check in with the volunteers at least once before the event so that they feel confident about your event. In this same email, please include

  1. The details of the event (time, date, etc)
  2. Parking info
  3. Where to sign in (will someone at the office direct them to the location of the Panel or will they be met by a student, etc)
  4. Anything else you think is important to include

In your IGNITE Teacher Packet please refer to the following items when creating an IGNITE Panel:


IGNITE Field Trips

We have a list of stellar companies who are ready to host a group of girls and provide them with an unforgettable day. Most trips will begin at 10am and end at 1:15-1:30.

Please view & sign up for the field trips we have available here.  Pay close attention to the number of girls allowed on each trip- we expect all of the spots to be filled by your group, if this is ever an issue please contact us immediately so we can find a solution. Luckily there are usually more girls than spots available- we suggest creating a waitlist to ensure no opportunity is wasted if a girl is sick the day of or can’t attend.

Before visiting the company you will need to print (from your teacher packet):

  1. Student Questions for Panel Presentation (Pass out the questions during the presentation)
  2. Event Survey- (have the girls fill out the surveys immediately following the event)


Field trip details:

  • Schools order and pay for buses and subs- IGNITE does not arrange any part of this
  • Lunch will always be provided by the company you are visiting. If your students have any dietary restrictions please let us know asap.
  • A list of students names will need to be provided 3-5 days prior to most field trips. The companies we partner with require this for security reasons.
  • You will be provided with a company contact phone number for the morning of the event, we will also pass on your cell number to the company contact
  • Remember to take lots of photos on your trip- at least one group photo is ideal. We will need at least 5 non-blurry, well lit photos.

View a list of IGNITE's field trip partners.


After your Event

Event report:

You can view a few different reports written by teachers on our blog here: 1 2 3. These are the sort of write ups we are looking for:

  1. Summary of the event (who were you welcomed by, what was the tour like, what activity did you do, anything memorable about the panel, etc)
  2. Thank the hosts, panelists, and volunteers who helped create your event, by name (as applicable)
  3. 5-10 of the comments from the girls’ surveys

Within two weeks of your field trip or Panel, email your:

  1. Event report
  2. Photos
  3. Scanned in surveys
  4. Any of your own personal feedback about the event



  • If able, share with your students ahead of time what will be happening during the in school Panel, or a little about the company they’ll be visiting
  • All speakers and company volunteers will have been trained by Cathi Rodgveller
  • When planning your events at the beginning of the year, use the School Schedule Template
  • Create your own flyer to recruit students for events or use the Event Flyer Template
  • If you have any questions please email becky@ignite-worldwide.org


Canceling Events

IMPORTANT - If for any reason you think you may need to cancel a Panel or field trip, please contact us at Ignite right away. DO NOT CONTACT THE COMPANY. We know this can happen for many reasons and our volunteers and companies are understanding but the later an event is cancelled the more damaging it is to our relationship with the volunteers or company and the less likely they are to participate in the future.

If something comes up at any point, just reach out ASAP and we’ll do our best to help or find a solution so that our girls can continue to enjoy this amazing program!

Download this document here.

IGNITE Field Trip Partners















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