Virginia is a professional project manager. With or over 15 years industry experience, she held senior positions at Disney, Microsoft, the City of Seattle, and Sapient Consulting delivering award winning software, mobile apps and websites. Originally from New York City, she is a graduate of Brown University. Virginia is a volunteer at The Pacific Science Center and IGNITE Worldwide, inspiring girls in STEM education and careers.  She can often be found exploring the trails around Lake Washington and the Cascades.



I find IGNITE Worldwide the perfect place to volunteer my time. Working with IGNITE, I get to directly impact young girls and help them shape their futures. I see faces light up when I tell my story of struggle from childhood dyslexia to a successful, high-tech career. In my life, I was given several opportunities to learn and develop that lead me to interesting work in a STEM field. Through IGNITE I am able to give back to the community to help grow the future workforce of women in STEM careers.


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