Virtual Get a Job in Technology Work-Based Learning Experience with Microsoft (High School)

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Only teachers, counselors, or adult staff members at a school can sign up for IGNITE events. If you are a student, please let the IGNITE Educator at your school know that you are interested in this event. If you don’t have IGNITE at your school, please email to get started!

Students will hear women in STEM at Microsoft tell their stories, share their challenges, and how they overcame them. Students will then participate in a live question-and-answer session with the panelists!

After the interactive panel, students will explore how to break into the technology field with Microsoft professionals, learning how to prepare for their careers and set themselves apart!

Microsoft’s mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential by creating technology that transforms the way people work, play, and communicate!

Sold out!


Monday, Jan 09, 2023


Pacific Time
1:45 pm - 3:15 pm


Caitlin Duke