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IGNITE Worldwide is leading the path to change the representation in STEM fields, and we need your help to make this future possible. Join industry leaders in becoming a champion for diversity!

Percentage of female computer science graduates (NCES)

Why invest?

The world is missing out on the talent of women, especially women of color, who are not fairly represented in STEM fields. This is reflected in the worsening gender inequity seen in many STEM fields. 

IGNITE is changing these statistics every day, and we need your support to expand our impact. 

IGNITE Worldwide is addressing the issue systematically, to change the representation of women in STEM permanently.


We serve girls and non-binary students during school hours, removing barriers that would otherwise prevent girls from participating.


Our priority is to reach girls and non-binary students from marginalized communities, who are vastly underrepresented in STEM.


IGNITE is based in 20+ years of research, winning accolades from the department of education's career and technical association.

  • IGNITE provides a network of people who are connected to these girls – their teachers – and tools for them to guide the girls to STEM. “

    Julie Averill

    CIO, Lululemon

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Employee Engagement Opportunities


Women in STEM at your company are invited to speak on IGNITE Panels at local schools. With just a 90 minute commitment, IGNITE volunteers can change girls' lives!

IGNITE Field Trips

Show girls the variety of career opportunities available in STEM by hosting an IGNITE field trip! We will arrange for a group of IGNITE girls to visit your company for an inspiring day.

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