Workshop with Royelles-Gaming for Girls: Ignite Your Utmost Potential!

Ignite Your Utmost Potential! This workshop offers transformational STEAM-focused adventures powered by AR/AI/Voice technologies. Students will engage in a specially curated activation with a Female Tech Startup Founder; contribute critical insightsto a first-of-its kind Beta Product; and explore amazing career paths in STEAM. This workshop encourages self awareness, critical thinking, inquiry-based learning and the opportunity to explore amazing career paths in STEAM. Can only use IOS enabled devices.

Royelles is the first gaming company focused on igniting Girls towards Leadership and STEAM. Our initial product — mobile app based learning adventures powered by AR/AI/Voice technologies — are anchored in fierce female avatars and real-life super(s)heros in STEAM. Royelles play intersects Immersive Tech with Transformational Storytelling and Inclusive Role Modeling. We are on a mission to empower 1Million+ girls and non-binary individuals to be confident, authentic and fearless architects of their destinies.

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