Senator Cantwell Introduces the “21st Century IGNITE STEM Act”

In full support of IGNITE Worldwide’s mission, Senator Cantwell introduced a Bill titled the “21st Century IGNITE STEM Act”. The bill calls for the expansion of IGNITE nationwide and the allocation of funding to location educational agencies to encourage girls and underrepresented minorities to pursue studies and careers in STEM fields.

Full text:


Senator Cantwell became a supporter of IGNITE Worldwide after first learning about the program at the 2007 congressional briefing during which IGNITE Worldwide was honored with the national Programs and Practices that Work award. Senator Cantwell was involved in IGNITE the following year, both in senate and as a keynote speaker at the IGNITE conference for girls hosted at Microsoft.

IGNITE Worldwide also had the support of Governer Jay Inslee, then House of Representatives member.