Our Team

IGNITE Worldwide Staff

Our Staff is Dedicated to
Changing Gender Representation in STEM

At IGNITE Worldwide we believe that girls and gender-diverse students belong in STEM.

We believe that by providing impactful, live-changing Program events that IGNITE Students can break free from the barriers that hold them back from participating in STEM clubs, classes, and careers. By providing cost-free events to students, during the school day, we can inspire the next generation of STEM professionals.


IGNITE Team Members

Cheri Jensen
Cheri Jensen Chief Operating Officer, IGNITE Worldwide
Cathi Rodgveller
Cathi Rodgveller Founder & CEO, IGNITE Worldwide
Larisa Goldin
Larisa Goldin Board President, IGNITE Worldwide and CEO of Dreamclinic, Inc.
Manisha Arora
Manisha Arora Board Vice President, IGNITE Worldwide and Senior Manager, Strategic Technology Alliances at ServiceNow
Raelene Sanders
Raelene Sanders Board Treasurer, IGNITE Worldwide | Insight Global LLC
Amber Zertuche
Amber Zertuche Program Director, IGNITE Worldwide
Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson Program Director, IGNITE Worldwide
Caitlin Duke
Caitlin Duke Program Manager, IGNITE Worldwide
Sandra Newman
Sandra Newman Program Coordinator, International
Katherine Corr
Katherine Corr Marketing Coordinator, IGNITE Worldwide
Danielle Long
Danielle Long Program Coordinator, IGNITE Worldwide
Misty Adams
Misty Adams Development Coordinator, IGNITE Worldwide