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together we can change gender equity in STEM

The world is missing out on the talent of women, especially women of color, who are not fairly represented in STEM fields. This is reflected in the worsening gender inequity seen in many STEM fields. IGNITE is changing these statistics every day through our award-winning program, and we need your support to expand our impact.

IGNITE Worldwide is the answer to achieving gender equity in STEM. IGNITE works directly with educators to connect girls* with STEM opportunities during the school day. Our award-winning Program offers a variety of interactive events featuring STEM professionals** who represent IGNITE Students.

*We serve girls, young women, nonbinary, transgender, agender, and genderqueer students.
**We encourage women, nonbinary, transgender, agender, and genderqueer volunteers.

Corporate Partner Opportunities





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Please email us to discuss in more detail your specific wants and needs, including IGNITE Program event participation, so that we can develop a partnership proposal that is as unique as you. All partnership levels include standard and customized benefits and recognition, including:

IGNITE Program

Opportunities to participate in IGNITE Program events are customized for each partnership, based on availability and demand

Advertising & Promotional

Share your commitment by having your logo displayed on print and digital marketing materials, including our website.

Funding Support Focus

Directly support student access to the IGNITE Program by maintaining cost-free events to public schools.

Custom Initiatives

Provide opportunities to your employees with meaningful volunteer opportunities and networking events.

Girls* Need IGNITE

IGNITE Worldwide is leading the path to change the representation in STEM fields, and we need your help to make this future possible. Join industry leaders in becoming a champion for diversity!

The IGNITE Worldwide Program is designed to be accessible to all schools, teachers, and students. IGNITE is committed to meeting students and educators where they are, through flexible options like virtual or in-person programming.

IGNITE’s pledge to create permanent change within STEM fields begins with an equitable approach – giving all IGNITE Students the chance to engage in STEM during the school day. By sparking an interest in STEM education and career fields at an early age, IGNITE Students are more interested and engaged in the opportunities available to them.

Underrepresented groups are being left behind in STEM. IGNITE Worldwide is intentional about reaching underrepresented communities, providing the IGNITE Program at no cost to the school district – which is why we need you to help grow our funding. To ensure that students have access to the IGNITE Program, events are offered during the school day in cooperation with teachers and their schools.

Diversity in the workforce propels innovation. Through an expansive network of mentors and advocates, IGNITE Worldwide has built a supportive community of STEM educators and professionals that represent IGNITE Students, grounded in our shared values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

The IGNITE Program is grounded in best practice research, designed to achieve the highest impact possible for our students, educators, and volunteers. By providing customized training and tools, the IGNITE Team provides support to IGNITE Teachers and Volunteers on all aspects of event planning and logistics, day-of activities, and post-event reporting.

Employee Engagement

Employees of Corporate Partners are invited to engage in the following ways to participate in and support IGNITE.

matching gifts

Have your recent volunteer hours and donations matched by your employer.

Payroll deductions

Payroll deductions make supporting gender equity in STEM easy!

Participate in an IGNITE Event

Volunteer with IGNITE in a variety of capacities, from the Program to campaign events.

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