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*We welcome any student who identifies as female, nonbinary, transgender, or agender.
Our mission is focused on supporting underserved and marginalized youth, to encourage
greater gender and racial diversity in STEM classes, clubs, opportunities, and careers.

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Inspire girls to engage in STEM! With IGNITE at your school, students can attend memorable company field trips, connect with women in STEM careers at IGNITE panels, and participate in hands-on workshops. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

For on-demand events, teachers get to choose the date and time for a panel or a workshop. For some teachers, it is easier to schedule their own IGNITE events.

IGNITE Teachers can sign up for on-demand events by using the Host an IGNITE Event Form. Here, you tell us your date and time preferences. If you’re scheduling a workshop, you can choose your first, second, and third workshop topics. 

On-demand events are available virtually for all regions and in-person in regions specified on the form.

Pre-scheduled events are IGNITE events where the company sets the date for either a panel, workshop, or field trip. The first teacher to sign up sets the time for the event. 

IGNITE Teachers can sign up for a pre-scheduled event by browsing the Event Calendar on the IGNITE Teacher Page.

IGNITE policy is to keep these events strictly for girls, transgender, agender, and nonbinary students because our mission is to increase gender equity in STEM. Girls don’t feel as comfortable sharing or asking questions when boys are in the room, and companies and volunteers who partner with us expect that only girls, transgender, agender, and nonbinary students will be attending, because they are focused on addressing the issue of gender representation in their workforce.

Only teachers can sign up for IGNITE events. If you are a student, please let the IGNITE Teacher at your school know that you are interested in this event. If you don’t have IGNITE at your school, please email to get started!

Yes. Teachers are an essential part of the IGNITE program! It is important that an IGNITE Teacher is there to show girls support and to be a continuing mentor at school when students have questions about STEM opportunities. At every event, teachers have a chance to share information about STEM classes and clubs at school. Classes like Engineering and Computer Science and technical clubs are important for students to learn about while they are inspired with IGNITE! 

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