IGNITE Worldwide Sheroes

The work we do would not be possible without the support of our incredible community. Thank you to our IGNITE Worldwide Sheroes, whose ongoing dedication to our mission has changed the lives of thousands of girls!

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Thank you to the members of the IGNITE Impact100 for supporting 4,000 girls at 20 schools in need!

To become a member of the IGNITE Impact100 and help change girls’ lives, donate or raise $1,000 to benefit IGNITE Worldwide.

IGNITE Worldwide Impact100 Members:

Laura Lederer

Dan Rogers

Amy and John Peltonen

Chris Gurdjian

Larisa Goldin

Ceah Justice

Jennifer Litowitz

Liz Lefkofsky

Rebecca Straka

Erin Flagg

John Flagg

Matt Hollingsworth and Carrie Lederer

Dan Udoutch

Elizabeth Hunter

Meagan Albright

Alexandra Fleur

Susan Freeman

Amy Bluhm

David and Susan Kalt

Kristi Yankacy

Lindsay Hua

Marianne Marck

Katelyn Lichte

Elizabeth Hunter
Elizabeth Hunter SVP of Technology Strategy Implementation at T-Mobile
Susan Freeman
Susan Freeman CEO, Executive Institute on Inclusion
Larisa Goldin
Larisa Goldin Board President, IGNITE Worldwide and CEO of Dreamclinic, Inc.
Dan Rogers
Dan Rogers CEO, Point to Point Transportation
Laura Lederer
Laura Lederer Global Digital Transformation Executive
Marianne Marck
Marianne Marck CIO, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
Charlotte Yarkoni
Charlotte Yarkoni Corporate Vice President of Cloud + AI at Microsoft
Cynthia Tee
Cynthia Tee VP of Technology, Commerce at Nordstrom
Ed Price
Ed Price Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
Julie Madhusoodanan
Julie Madhusoodanan Vice President, Software Development (Quality) at Hulu
Liz Bander
Liz Bander Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
Melissa Acton-Buzard
Melissa Acton-Buzard Founder and CEO of Chameleon Technologies
Lori Longthorne
Lori Longthorne ITS Strategic Communications Manager at Alaska Airlines
Julie Averill
Julie Averill Execuitive VP & CTO at lululemon
Holly Muenchow
Holly Muenchow Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
Cierra McDonald
Cierra McDonald Principal Program Manager at Microsoft
Hilary Laney
Hilary Laney CEO and Owner, Evia Events
Jill Wiggins
Jill Wiggins Prev. Director of Community Affairs & Strategic Communications at KIRO 7
Katelyn Lichte
Katelyn Lichte Production Engineer, Corteva Agriscience
Sandra Newman
Sandra Newman Consultant in Quality and Compliance, NOVAVAX INC
Megan Olsen
Megan Olsen Senior Engineering Program Manager at Microsoft
Jenny Phillips
Jenny Phillips Sr. Software Development Manager at T-Mobile
Dianne O’Neill
Dianne O’Neill Senior Technology Solutions Manager, T-Mobile
Kristi Yankacy
Kristi Yankacy Senior Engineering Program Manager at Microsoft
Diana Haas
Diana Haas Senior Leader, Corporate Strategy at Dolby Laboratories
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur Senior Technical Product Manager, Microsoft
Sarah Bird
Sarah Bird CEO, MOZ
Rick Koch
Rick Koch President/Owner, All City Fence
Laura Butler
Laura Butler CEO and Co-Founder of UpLift Group, Inc.
Virginia Bing
Virginia Bing Owner of Bingnet
Amanda Crosley
Amanda Crosley Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
Kathryn Kelley
Kathryn Kelley Office Manager, Best Buy Technology Development Center
Chandler Ewen
Chandler Ewen Software Developer at Microsoft
Dana Day
Dana Day Passenger Seat Engineer, Boeing Company
Sadaf Waheed
Sadaf Waheed Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure
Monica Martin
Monica Martin Senior Risk Manager at Microsoft Corporation
Sunitha Muthukrishna
Sunitha Muthukrishna Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
Shilpa Makineni
Shilpa Makineni Engineering Team Lead at Redfin
Cathy Moya
Cathy Moya Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
Chelsea Behrens
Chelsea Behrens Senior Solutions Consultant, SAP Concur
Cheryl Ingram, PhD
Cheryl Ingram, PhD CEO of Diverse City LLC & CEO of Inclusology
Kylie Rassatt
Kylie Rassatt Founder & CEO at Love Hard, Travel Often
Lisa Gifford
Lisa Gifford CEO at Alliance Enterprises, Inc.
Logan McKenzie
Logan McKenzie Management Associate at KeyBank
Belinda McConnell
Belinda McConnell Principal at Deloitte Digital
Venki Krishnababu
Venki Krishnababu SVP of Global Technology Services, lululemon
Andreina Vivas
Andreina Vivas Software Engineer at Lenovo
Myanna Harris
Myanna Harris Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services
Ali Wulf Kollman
Ali Wulf Kollman Marketing Campaign Specialist at SkyKick
Krys Stensland
Krys Stensland Sr. Architect of Business Process at T-Mobile
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Stewart COO at TUNE
Jenn Hunter
Jenn Hunter Program Manager at Microsoft
Hillary Prather
Hillary Prather Software Development Engineer at Amazon
Shawna Straub
Shawna Straub IT Manager at REI
Ruth Nesbitt
Ruth Nesbitt IT Vendor Manager, T-Mobile Team Fusion
Rosie Guillero
Rosie Guillero VP of Ways and Means PTSA Bellevue WA
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown Founder & Chief Product Officer at TUNE, Inc.
Karin Mepani
Karin Mepani Sr. Relationship Marketing Manager at Microsoft
Connie Olinde
Connie Olinde IT Director– Merchandising & Co-op Brands Technology at REI

Dr. Tammy Campbell
Dr. Tammy Campbell Superintendent, Federal Way Public Schools
Dr. Susan Enfield
Dr. Susan Enfield Superintendent, Highline Public Schools
Highline Public Schools
Sammy Anderson
Sammy Anderson Executive Director of College and Career Readiness, Federal Way Public Schools
Ron Mayberry
Ron Mayberry Director of Career & College Readiness, Bethel School District
Jane Hendrickson
Jane Hendrickson CTE Program Manager, Seattle Public Schools
Emily Aldama
Emily Aldama Supervisor, San Francisco Unified School District Career Pathways
Charissa Eggleston
Charissa Eggleston College and Career Readiness Facilitator, Federal Way Public Schools
Abdulraheem Abdulhakeen
Abdulraheem Abdulhakeen IGNITE Leader, Nigeria
Devina Khan
Devina Khan STEM Computer Essentials Teacher, West Valley Junior High School
Christian Williams
Christian Williams AP Computer Science Teacher, Spanaway Lake High School
Shauntal VanDreel
Shauntal VanDreel Counselor, Rainier View Elementary School
Robin Hodges
Robin Hodges Career & Readiness Specialist & College Bound Coordinator, Bethel High School
Kelly Woyak
Kelly Woyak Career & College Readiness Specialist, Graham-Kapowsin High School
Mindee Graver
Mindee Graver College & Career Specialist, Spanaway Lake High School
Nicole Collopy
Nicole Collopy College and Career Specialist, Todd Beamer High School
Fonda Mongrain
Fonda Mongrain Career and Technical Education Facilitator, Federal Way Public Schools
Shawnte Garrett
Shawnte Garrett College and Career Specialist, Truman High School
Roderick Booker
Roderick Booker College & Career Access Specialist, Evergreen High School
Lisa Sandoval
Lisa Sandoval Director for STEM-B, Seattle Central College
Julie Gatti
Julie Gatti Teacher, Franklin High School
Michelle Spenser
Michelle Spenser CTE, Office of Superintendent and Public Instruction
Maduchukwu Edith
Maduchukwu Edith Principal, Mariamoh Ajiri Memorial International School
Stuart Chernis
Stuart Chernis Computer Science and CTE Teacher, Aki Kurose Middle School
Sydney Cochran
Sydney Cochran College & Career Access Specialist, Highline High School
Hajia Muibat Taiwo
Hajia Muibat Taiwo IGNITE Leader, Katsina Chapter
Karly Feria
Karly Feria College & Career Access Specialist, Tyee High School
Michele Amato
Michele Amato Computer Technology Teacher, Broadview Thomson K-8
Sara Baker
Sara Baker College & Career Access Specialist
Highline Public Schools
Jennifer Spigner
Jennifer Spigner College & Career Center Specialist, Seattle Public Schools
Cindy Jamieson
Cindy Jamieson CTE Teacher, Nathan Hale High School

Sahana Sasikumar
Sahana Sasikumar Bellevue School District
Raheemah Abdulsalam
Raheemah Abdulsalam IGNITE Katsina, Nigeria Chapter
Marcella Huang
Marcella Huang
Heidi Toussaint
Heidi Toussaint Staff UX Researcher at Google
Praises Orji
Praises Orji Federal Way Public Schools
Lauren Tang
Lauren Tang CS Major at Princeton University, San Francisco United School District
Shigeko Calos-Nakano
Shigeko Calos-Nakano Client Specialist at SCI Solutions
Kelly Elston
Kelly Elston UX Research Leader at Providence Health & Services
Brooklyn Federal Way Public Schools
Raheemah Katsina, Nigeria Chapter
Hafsat Halliru Kargi
Hafsat Halliru Kargi Mariamoh Ajiri Memorial Int’l School Katsina
Ava Seattle Public Schools
Safiyah Jabir Muhammad
Safiyah Jabir Muhammad Imam Malik Academy, Katsina, Nigeria
Dureti Jamal
Dureti Jamal Boston University, Seattle Public Schools
Ruby Vohra
Ruby Vohra University of Washington
Britney Freer
Britney Freer Boeing, Bethel School District
Tara Steed
Tara Steed Expedia
Jhileah Jackson
Jhileah Jackson Event Management and Project Consulting