Presentation at Marysville Mountain View High School

Thank you to Zee Jimicum, Native Liaison and Jamie Sagerser, Building Bridges for being excellent guest speakers to my IGNITE group. Both of you spoke with such heart about careers and believing in yourself. You have made a difference today in these girls’ life.  THANK YOU for all that you do!

Here is some of the evidence in what the girls of MMVHS were able to take away with two 10 min career stories (amazing!):

  • I found that no matter how you feel about yourself – you can be who you want to be with a mind set for that job
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are –school is for everyone
  • No mater your state of your home being – don’t let that bother you.  You can do something
  • How to ask questions where needed (on the job and in life)
  • How to think positive
  • How to survive life
  • Take opportunities that come my way because it could be one that I really like and if I don’t then I can keep looking in other fields.
  • I can become anything I want to be.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed.
  • I learned that you shouldn’t give up on school when life is hard.
  • You can start school when ever you want
  • Take new chances
  • That a diploma is better than a GED
  • It’s never to late to go back to college
  • Don’t feel sorry for yourself
  • And remember you are important and can be somebody….anybody you want!
  • Whatever happens in life you just need to keep up working
  • Don’t give up on life no matter how hard it is
  • Stay strong with every situation
  • You can always be something in your career life if you keep moving up, staying positive, and achieving in the things you love
  • Don’t always blame yourself for everything that goes on
  • Don’t give up hope theres always a way out. No matter the struggles are.
  • That my mom probably has the same problems
  • You can do something great even though your life hasn’t been so great
  • Feeling good about yourself makes a big difference

I would use what I learned from our speakers now or in my future by:

  • Asking for help and not letting little struggles in life get me downs and live life.
  • That I should work hard in school to complete my goals
  • Not giving up on my dream to become a nurse even though it’s a couple of years.  I am going ahead to accomplish my dream
  • I will use this advice and info to keep my head up and accomplish what needs to be done.
  • That even if I have been through a lot of difficult things in my life I can still be what I want to be in life
  • To not over stress myself out during hard times, and find my job I love.
  • Take it easy on my mom a little
  • If I ever need to change my career now I know that I can if a 58 year old can
  • Remember to feel good about myself

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