IGNITE and South Lake High School

14 girls attended the panel presentation. We had a small group of girls. Our speakers took this time to share their personal stories, particularly Leena and Kalyani who brought an international perspective of how they got to where they are today. The girls enjoyed all the speakers’ stories.

Thank you to our excellent panelists: Leena – Director from Microsoft, Kalyani – Solution Manager from Microsoft, Cierra McDonald – X Box at Microsoft, and Marta Smith – Western Digital. And thank you to Barbara Quintana at South Lake High School.

Presentation Evaluation Girls’ Comments

What did you like the best about today’s event?

  • I liked learning about the field of technology, I enjoyed knowing how people had not interest in technology until they tried it out, and its good to know theres help out there if you need it.
  • Everything today was good I learned a lot
  • That you didn’t have to be that good at math
  • All the women talking about how they got to where they are today.
  • The stories about the speakers
  • All of the information I received.
  • I liked hearing them talk about how they became a technical engineer
  • They are looking for more women & that sound good. Everything they were talking about sound pretty good to me. Thanks ☺ I’m going on the field trip yess ☺ Thanks wonderful people.
  • Women telling their personal stories
  • I like that they took their time to come talk to us and inspire us
  • They talked about computers
  • I liked every speaker, even one spoke clear, and talked good about each of their job. Keep it up ladies, more power to you!
  • The guest speaker explains her job well.
  • I got to ask questions
  • The speaker is really nice. I like her advices, they are really helpful.
  • I like to listen to the speaker talk about her job

 What was the most interesting thing that you heard today?

  • The help other people can offer. And how when you apply for jobs if they say no, then don’t give
  • How all the women keep going to get were they are today
  • Cierra talking about xbox live and how she got it to be on the phone
  • To follow your dreams and how technology is.
  • The talk about Apple
  • People came from middle class family from another country.
  • When the lady was talking about the xbox on the phones and stuff sound like fun.
  • Stories from those two women from India
  • The stories about how they got into their careers.
  • How they get the job
  • Everything about each jobing
  • Technology is not separated from other fields. They are connected together.
  • How she works
  • The reason why did she began to work with hardware instead of software.
  • Hardware (how it works)

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