IGNITE and Center School

22 girls attended the panel presentation. As a result of requesting speakers to bring a powerpoint presentation and a product to demo to the girls, a couple of speakers were able to bring something in addition to their speaking components.

Flora shared a wonderful powerpoint presentation and was willing to bring in her own projector to make this possible. Martine brought in a product she worked on – Nike watch with GPS installed. Everyone enjoyed the powerpoint presentation and the watch.

Thank you to our great panelists: Flora Goldthwaite, Microsoft, Marta Smith, Western Digital, Martine Stillman, Mechanical Engineer at Synapse. Thanks also to Barbara Quintana at Center School.

Presentation Evaluation Girls’ Comments

What did you like the best about today’s event?

  • Hearing that its not any harder for a woman.
  • Learning about what you do in each of the careers was really cool
  • I liked learning about the job I wanted and getting to look at the watch
  • I enjoyed the large amount of information we received.
  • It was very informative. It makes me want to work in a technology field.
  • I’m inspired by the things these women do for the world and how much they love their jobs.
  • I really like the 20 second per slide slideshow and all of the speakers.
  • I liked hearing about the perks of working in the business; trained, pay, other stuff, I liked Martine’s story a lot.
  • I learned a lot about engineering field. I like to design things, so maybe I could look forward to get more into the different fields.
  • I liked how many stories and experiences you told us about.
  • I liked hearing all the different stories. The tom tom like watch.
  • I liked to learn about the different types of engineering and got more information about engineering careers.
  • Hearing about the different careers and options there are
  • I liked the presentors
  • It was very interesting and enjoyable.
  • The stories about how they get in the work, about the work place.
  • I liked the fact that the presenters made the jobs sound achievable. They made it sound interesting also.
  • I liked hearing the stories of how the women got the jobs they have, and what they do.
  • Learning that I didn’t need to be really good at math and science – it made me think I could actually do something like this.

What was the most interesting thing that you heard today?

  • That the engineers worked in a barn.
  • The most interesting thing I heard about today was how Martine got her start
  • I learned what field I like best
  • Everything
  • Learning about how much money you can make.
  • The watch that they designed to keep track of where you are at and hwo much they get payed.
  • That you don’t have to be good at math or science to have a career in engineering and that you make a LOT of money.
  • You don’t need to be good at math to be an engineer.
  • Designing a lot of different things
  • That your more likely to get a job if you’re a different race or a girl.
  • You don’t have to be good at math or science to do this.
  • The most interesting thing I heard about was the different careers and salaries
  • That you don’t necessarily need to be super good at science or math to be an engineer.
  • About the new technology
  • I learned a lot of interesting things today.
  • The pay, personal stories, how they got the job.
  • That the industry was actually looking for women, and they make good money.
  • Martine’s story was very interesting. I also liked seeing the future technology.
  • How much money is in it.