Microsoft Field Trip with Marysville Mountain View High School

IGNITE Advisor: Marianne Pauley, CTE Business and Technology Education, MMVHS

37 students from Marysville Mountain View IGNITE (Igniting Girls Now In Technology and Engineering) went to the Microsoft campus to tour the Microsoft Envisioning Lab, The House of the Future, and participated in a discussion with a panel of speakers about career opportunities at Microsoft. Students were able to enjoy a working lunch speaking to Microsoft employees and were very impressed and inspired.

MTN View High April 14 2011 collage

Below are comments and feedback that I received from students about our field trip:
“I learned that in five years we might have touch screen newspaper”
“I learned that touch screens can be made pretty big and going to be bigger”
“I would like to work at Microsoft”
“Microsoft is making new motion sensors”
“They are inventing a phone that comes in two pieces and it’s really cool”
“I want to take their advice and do what I want in life instead of doing something I’m not happy with”
“I thought of the future differently with the use of new technology ..was really cool moment”
“I thought of all the future uses of technology was super cool”
“I will use the inspiration from this field trip and I feel the need to better my life”
“It looks cool and fun”
“I think everyone should attend college to get a degree”
“I think every job that leads to the career you want might not always mean doing a specific job – jobs are always changing”
“I never want to use old technology”
“The future house was awesome”
“I want to go back! The field trip was fun!”
“I learned a lot about modern technology and career opportunities in Microsoft. The model home really blew my mind. All the things you can do are amazing and it’s really cool to think my house could have things like that in it”
“I wish I lived in that house”
“I want to work their someday”
“I liked that the lady could wear pink hair at work”
“I liked the talking house”
“I will follow my dream and maybe try to get an internship at Microsoft for the summer”

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