Inaugural event in Katsina, Nigeria

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The program IGNITE was inaugurated as a club in Mariamoh Ajiri Memorial International Schools Katsina for the school’s young girls, range between the ages of 13 and 17 years, all are of Junior Secondary School 2, 3 and of the Senior Secondary School 1 and 2, and as promised to COMMEMORATE the WORLD INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL, for October 11, 2012.


The program IGNITE, inaugurated as CLUB in the school on Thursday, October 4, 2012 started at about 2:30 pm, caught the attention of the whole school and especially the female students and female teachers. 70 female students were in attendance, and all were happy to be part of the event.

It all started when I had to address the 70 girls in attendace by given them a briefing about IGNITE, how IGNITE work, the possible events of IGNITE and the historical background of IGNITE, this was link to Cathi Rodgveller, the Founder of IGNITE World Wide, Damon Woods, and Chichi Okafor, the Nigeria chapter coordinator. The girls were so happy to hear this.

A DVD Film show, which runs for 15 minutes was shown to the girls who were so happy and are ever ready to withness more of the event. The film picture Rodgveller and some girls who give their testimonies about IGNITE; how some of the girls became involved with IGNITE, how they learned virieties of hi-tech, how IGNITE could give girls the network and resources to go into technology, and the opportunities that are there in the field for women, among others.

The woman expert invited to speak and give words of encouragement to the girls is the school librarian, who is equally learn in technology. She told stories of herself and how she has been using computer in doing her work.

She has this to say:

“Being a librarian, I do browse by visiting internet often, to discover new and educative things for my school.”

Following these, five girls among the participants were invited to the floor to say what they have learnt since the beggining of the event. And the girls said these:

“IGNITE has inspired me to develop interest for technology. I can now see the beauty of using internet to study “ = AISHA LAWAL GARBA, SS 1 student.

“I now understand why I should be more interested in technology, a lot of female have succeeded in the field of technology.” = SUCCESS EUGENE, SS 2 student.

“It has just informed me that girls have alot of positive things to derived from using technology, not only for fun, it provides a good future career.” = TAOFEEQAT RAJI, SS 2 student.

“As a female technologist to be, I feel submitted for IGNITE to be introduced to more girls not only in my school.” = MIRACLE NWAOLISA, SS 2 student.

“I am encouraged and motivated by the word of the speaker. Technology is found in all field of life.”= AMINA MUSA GAFIA, JSS 3 student.

The remark of the program later addressed the possible events of IGNITE, this include: Summer Internships, Conferences, Ignite Unites, Field Trips, among others.

This, however remain as a mark for the WORLD INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL.

Katsina – Nigeria

You can view more pictures from the event on Flickr.

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