International Women’s Day: Katsina Chapter

Guest of the Moment, Engineer RiskatEngineer Risikat S. Samaila

Engr. Riskat S. Simaila (Mrs) is a master holder and a PHD student of Agricultural Engineering, a member of COREN and a senior civil servant with the National Center for Agricultural Mechanization Ilorin.

IGNITE Katsina met her on the celebration of International women’s day for some questions about The Beauty of Women.


The Beauty of Women Today

IGNITE Katsina: Who is a woman of today?

Engr. Riskat:

“A woman of today has made vast improvement on her lifestyle from what its use to be in the past. She is of course first of all a girl, a sister, aunty, a wife and a working mother. She is faced with more responsibilities than what it used to be. She is a wife who is seen as intended to cook, clean and take care of the kids”.

IGNITE Katsina: What beauty is in today’s women?

Engr. Riskat:

“As we celebrate International Women’s Day, today, it should be understood that the woman and mother of today have changed a lot because of the development of civilization. Mothers have evolved throughout the century.  She is educated and can work out a plan to balance her role as a wife and as a career woman, so she strikes a balance between the two without one affecting the other. The mother is a wife, a farmer, teacher, an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a politician or a volunteer worker, at time she combines the two roles.

A mother is an epitome of beauty, glamour adorned with dignity, full of strength, splendour and vigour. She is a man’s mother, sister, friend and helper. Affectionately configure, warm and tender, diligent in home making and ordained to productivity”.

This is in commemoration of International Women’s Day”

Thank you.

  • Engr. Risikat. S. Samaila (Mrs).

(National Centre for Agricultural Mechanization, Ilorin, Nigeria).

Guest of the moment, Hajia Fauziat

Fauziat, is a group of school proprietor. She holds Bachelor Degree of Art in History Education. And as a Guest of the moment, she answered IGNITE Katsina question. Find out as attached.

Inspiring Girls to be Good Women of TomorrowHajia Fauziat T. Raji

IGNITE Katsina: As a succesful woman, how do you inspire girls to be good women of tomorrow?

Hajia Fauziat:

The home, the family,  the society, the school and the government are agents of inspiration in molding  and inspiring girls to become good women of tomorrow.

The home or the family’s impact cannot be overemphasized as this is the first contact of the child; the family has a lot to do in inspiring the girls. From cradle, the parents should show their children love, motivate them, build their confidence and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Girls can be motivated by acknowledging any success made by them no matter how little. Girls should be involve in some domestic issues such as decision taking, budgeting for the family. Rresponsibility should be given to them such as giving them household care like cooking for the family or planning birthday party for member of the family.

The parent  should equally built the girls confident by giving them some challenging duties to do and guide them to achieve the desired result. Reading of motivational stories, that has to do with the biography of successful women both National and International. The parents  should tell stories of known successful  people in their immidiate enviroment, point out the challenges they have gone through, so that the girls will know that all may not be smooth as they sail through life; as this will built in them spirit of persiverance.

As often as possible let be positive, we should use encouraging words such as “You can do it” “I know you are going to make me proud” And when they make mistakes, correct them with love. Above all, the girls should be taught to be focus, persevere, hard working and prayerful as every stage in life has it’s challenges.

This is in commemoration of International Women’s Day.

I thank IGNITE for giving me the opportunity to share my view on “Inspiring Girls to be good women of tomorrow”.


  • Hajia Fauziat T. Raji

(The proprietor, Mariamoh Ajiri Memorial International Schools Katsina State & Zamfara State) 


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