Bethel Schools at BitTitan

Last week, thirty girls from our district high schools attended a tour and “Job Shadow” day at a company called Bit Titan. They are a small cloud provider company that started in 2007 with MigrationWiz, a tool to make cloud data migration easier, which they’ve transformed into another platform that helps automate every aspect of a business: sales, service delivery, and ongoing customer management. The staff treated our students to a very special day.

Students had a fabulous experience at Bit Titan. After a panel discussion with employees, the students were divided into teams of four. Their task was to develop and automate a product that would make every day life easier, then present their product to the other participants. Showing one of the created products, the students in the upper left photo are presenting their product they called Food-Ease. They created an easy way to select certain foods and recipes from a mobile app for grocery shopping that is easy to use with the click of a button.

Students who attended the tour got a special treat this year. They were able to speak with a former BHS graduate, who completed her college degree and found an amazing job at Bit Titan, which was in her career path! When you are a sophomore it is hard to visualize your future but when you see someone that graduated from your school in this type of position, it really helps to make that connection. The entire panel of women were great presenters and shared a lot of valuable information with the students. Many of our students are not sure if a career in technology is their career path, but they really enjoyed the diversity of the presenters. It was an amazing experience and the students and staff that attended are grateful for the opportunity.

Story by Robin Hodges and Jessie Blocker Career Specialists at Bethel and Challenger High Schools.