Burton High School at Oath

On Tuesday, April 3rd, Burton High School’s IGNITE chapter took 23 freshmen to Oath, Inc for a field trip full of inspiration, learning, and fun! Girls got a tour of the engaging office space, including cafeteria and game room, ate from the staff’s delicious cafeteria offerings, had a panel of women and men working in technology, did a real life activity using user data to come up with a marketing campaign for their favorite retailer, and played games in the game room! It’s really important for students to get a glimpse of what a professional working environment looks like and to hear from various professionals about what opportunities are available to them.

When asked about what next step they would take to achieve working at a company similar to Oath, the girls mentioned they would take AP classes, look into internships or volunteer work, and practice the skills they would need for their ideal jobs. We partnered with ScriptEd, an after school coding program at Burton that offers internships, to encourage IGNITE attendees to join ScriptEd and get paid to code! Thank you so much for inspiring them to think about their next steps and sharing your stories!


After this Event:

of girls are more interested in STEM


of girls want to study harder to attend college and further their education


Here are some highlights of the event from the 9th grade attendees. The girls always say it best:

“The highlights that I enjoy was just talking to adults about their careers and how they pursue their jobs with technology. This event inspired me to learn more about computer science and how it can impact our future greatly.”

“ I enjoyed learning about the different people who work in STEM and their stories and how they ended up in this field.This event inspired me by making me a lot more interested in STEM fields and what is included in the jobs.”

“The highlight that I enjoyed today is learning about how much teamwork goes on. It inspired me because it is good to learn from each other.”

“I enjoyed the tour and walking around. This place seems like somewhere I could work in the future.”

“The panel was especially helpful to getting more information to how to get started into a field like this. I can see myself doing something like this or even something similar to this.”

“I enjoyed learning about the work environment. It has a friendly, nice atmosphere. Also hearing from the workers’ experiences and how they got here was great too.I enjoyed the food as well! And it’s FREE! I also love the idea of having gaming rooms to help workers bond and network.”

“I enjoyed the tour around the office and making ads activity because it was cool and I got to know what people normally do in the company.”

“The food was amazing. I really liked the tight community they have here. I also liked how they care for and be considerate of the employees’ needs. I think the experiences here are nice to learn about.”

“I enjoyed touring the office space and seeing people come up with their ideas and how they relieve stress. I don’t really like boring spaces and this tour showed me that not all office spaces are boring.”

“I love how the community here is very positive, quiet and has good services.”

“The group activity about sales pitch inspired me because it was really interesting to see how all these ads are placed out and how they worked.”