Buena Vista Horace Mann Field Trip to Roblox


On November 6th, Roblox graciously hosted 6th-8th grade girls from Buena Vista Horace Mann. The girls were given a tour of all the Roblox departments, which made it such a unique experience for students to actually meet engineers and artists. Students were grouped with talented Roblox STEM employees to design their own game and were provided with the opportunity to ask the experts questions about their profession.
The most inspiring part were the women in STEM panelists:
Grace Francisco, VP Developer Relations
Jasmin Singh- Software Engineer Game Services
Kelly Mayes- Director of Product
Genevieve Johnson-Sr. Instructional Designer
Diana Lee-Engineering Manager
Students asked questions about their struggles as students and how they overcame failures.
Students enjoyed the catalog section and observing employees in action!
On behalf of the Buena Vista Horace Mann Tech Chicas community, we thank Roblox employees for their generous lunch and snacks, opportunities for students to network, and learn from the amazing panelists.
Laura Ramirez
IGNITE Advisor
Buena Vista Horace Mann


After this event:

of girls are more interested in STEM

of girls want to study harder to attend college and further their education


Comments from the Girls:

"I look forward to working at Roblox"

"I enjoyed what women were saying about what they did to get to their job"

"I enjoyed looking at how they create the clothes and it inspired me to be an engineer"

"I liked that we got to brainstorm an idea for a game. It inspired me to not give up."

"I enjoyed when the women were talking about themselves. This inspired me because I know that women can do lots of things you just have to persevere."

"Something that I enjoyed from this event was making a plan for the games that we could create. This inspired me by making me want to create a game."

"Showed me how cool it is to work at Roblox"

"I really enjoyed the part with the avatars and costumes because I am very artistic. This has inspired me to never give up on my dreams."