IGNITE Panel at Thomas Jefferson High School


Mar. 15, 2019 | Thomas Jefferson High School  | Charissa Eggleston

Thomas Jefferson High School in the Federal Way School District was honored to host another inspiring IGNITE Panel!  Twenty five diverse young women were able to share a meal and learn from four amazing IGNITE speakers. The Panel shared about their journey to their current careers in STEM, and answered questions from the girls.

The girls commented that they were inspired by how the hardships the women endured had only made them “hustle harder”.  Some of the messages taken away are that everyone begins their journey somewhere, and that girls and women should value themselves.

Many of the scholars were interested to learn that many companies take special attention to value the time and work of women of color. They also learned that all women have incredible power, and should not let obstacles get in their way! The girls left the event inspired to work harder, take more challenging classes and view a mistake or a failure as an opportunity to learn.

Thank you to the panelists: Pepsy W., Kim N., and Kelly R., and Swati M. for taking time to come to Thomas Jefferson and inspire, encourage, and teach our students what women in STEM have accomplished! 


After attending this event:


of girls/non-binary students are more interested in STEM


of girls/non-binary students want to study harder to attend college and further their education


of girls/non-binary students want to continue attending IGNITE events

Here's what the students enjoyed most:


"I really enjoyed the different experiences that each panelist had. It inspired me to work harder toward my goals."

- 11th grade


"I enjoyed seeing different people who have different experiences but still managed to go into the same field."

- 11th grade


"I enjoyed hearing their stories and natural responses. It was very interesting to hear how they got to where they are. I also enjoyed talking directly to them and hearing advice."

- 11th grade


"The stories, knowing how success takes time and everything you want and really work for can happen."

- 10th grade



"The thought of '"don't push yourself down" in believing you don't know enough about STEM to have an interest. Everyone starts from somewhere-- know your worth."

- 11th grade


"Knowing that women of color are really valued. Women have incredible power!"

- 11th grade


"The Panel was very interesting, helped me look at other jobs in the field."

- 12th grade


"What inspired me was their hardships that made them hustle harder."

- 12th grade