IGNITE Worldwide’s Nigerian Chapter Leader, Abdulraheem Abdulhakeem, Presents Report at the 2024 GSAN International Conference

IGNITE Worldwide proudly announces the participation of Abdulraheem Abdulhakeem, IGNITE’s Nigerian Chapter Leader, at the prestigious 2024 GSAN International Conference on Science, Technology, and Society. Abdulhakeem’s groundbreaking report, Influence of Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution (IGNITE) in Gender Equality in Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM) Education in Nigeria, has garnered attention for sharing IGNITE Worldwide’s innovative approach to bridging the gender gap in STEM fields.

Abdulhakeem’s report delves into IGNITE’s transformative role in fostering gender equality by encouraging girls’ participation and nurturing their interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in Nigeria. The study, employing a combination of descriptive and survey methods, engaged 200 schoolgirls and 40 female teachers from 20 senior secondary schools across cities in Nigeria including Katsina and Ilorin.

The study assessed IGNITE’s impact on participants’ perceptions of STEM education. The findings underscore the critical role of IGNITE in inspiring participating girls to pursue STEM careers, fostering professional networks of support for women in the workplace, and advocating for initiatives that support closing the gender gap in STEM education in West Africa.

According to Abdulhakeem, “The IGNITE Program creates invaluable opportunities for girls to engage with STEM subjects, develop critical skills, and envision themselves as future leaders in technology and innovation. By addressing barriers faced by girls of color and promoting diversity and inclusion, IGNITE is driving meaningful change in Nigerian STEM education.”

Abdulraheem Abdulhakeem’s participation in the 2024 GSAN International Conference underscores IGNITE Worldwide’s commitment to driving positive change in STEM globally. Through IGNITE’s Worldwide Program, more girls and gender-diverse youth are empowered to pursue their passions and unlock their full potential in STEM fields, no matter where they live.

For more information about IGNITE Worldwide and its global initiatives, please visit www.igniteworldwide.org/worldwide.

About IGNITE Worldwide

IGNITE Worldwide is a 501(c)3 nonprofit STEM education organization that aims to change gender and racial equity in STEM permanently and systematically. We work directly with teachers during the school day to provide programming that promotes gender equity and representation in STEM academics and careers. Through our award-winning program, IGNITE provides engaging, hands-on events that connect students with STEM professionals from industry leaders from around the world. Learn more at www.igniteworldwide.org.

About IGNITE Worldwide’s Global Impact

IGNITE Worldwide is the answer to achieving gender equity in STEM. Each IGNITE Worldwide Chapter offers unique opportunities for students by gathering the resources necessary to provide our award-winning program to communities on a global scale. IGNITE works directly with educators to connect girls and gender-diverse students with STEM opportunities during the school day, offering a variety of interactive events featuring STEM professionals who represent IGNITE Students.