SOLD OUT: Evia Events Panel

Teachers, be sure to take our 6 minute teacher training before signing up for the event.

Only teachers can sign up for IGNITE events. If you are a student, please let the IGNITE Teacher at your school know that you are interested in this event. If you don’t have IGNITE at your school, please email to get started!

Evia Events is a woman-led virtual event and media distribution company! The Evia Platform enables you to stream, capture, edit, connect and share event content with your audience and attendees. We have grown from a three-person company with one primary client to one of the top three full-service companies in the world that streams, captures and distributes video online for events! Today, Evia serves hundreds of clients including Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft and Tableau.

At this virtual panel, students will meet women who work at Evia in areas like digital event strategy, creative services, content capture, live streaming, media production and distribution, content management, and digital event platform development.

Check out the blog post from last year’s IGNITE event with Evia!

Sold out!


Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Amber Zertuche