Women in Life-Saving Tech: STEM & Medicine on the Front Lines

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Hear from STEM professionals who use technology to save lives! You will learn how STEM and medicine work together using software, artificial intelligence, and data science to identify, understand, and solve medical issues. You will also get a chance to ask questions and seek advice during the Q&A discussion.


Sandra Newman, Novavax: “My company is working on and testing a COVID vaccine.”

Stephanie Vaughn, Intern, Developer Relations at Planet Labs: “We build, program and launch satellites that take pictures of the Earth, which then are used by environmentalists and other scientists to understand major events like wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and more.”

Laura Piersall, Software Engineer at Caption Health: “I’m working on software that helps a non-expert to capture diagnostic quality images of the heart and provides diagnostics based on these images. This is the first software of its kind to receive FDA approval. Because it is safe and non-invasive, cardio ultrasounds is used in triage of patients and has become one of the largest bottlenecks in hospitals globally. Without AI guidance, someone would normally require 2 years of technical training before they could consistently take diagnostic quality heart images. This technology is even more useful in the current pandemic where most COVID patients die of heart complications and hospitals are already short-staffed on sonographers.”

Elle Andrews, Associate Scientist at Amgen: “I work on the biology side to develop drugs that can fight (and hopefully cure) life-threatening cancers.”

Bernadette K. Minton, Senior Director, Data Science Solutions at MCG Health: “I ensure that patients receive necessary medical care, and prevent unnecessary care.”


Wednesday, Dec 02, 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Amber Zertuche