IGNITE™ (Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational program founded in 1999. Originally launched in the Seattle School District, IGNITE’s program connects school-age girls to professional women in STEM careers who act as role models and mentors.

  • IGNITE has educated and empowered over 25,000 young women in middle school and high school grades to pursue education and careers in STEM
  • In the Seattle School District alone, female participation in technology classes soared from 10% to 50% since the start of the IGNITE program.
  • IGNITE is a program for any school: in addition to chapters formed across the United States IGNITE has chapters in Ghana, Nigeria and India.

IGNITE can be in any school. If you would like ignite to be at your local school, or your child’s school, please contact us at info@ignite-us.org and let us know. One part of IGNITE’s mission is to grow IGNITE chapters.

If you or your company want to sponsor an IGNITE chapter, please contact us. Every girl deserves to have this kind of support in order to know that she is capable and that these careers are not only available to her but great for women.

By having IGNITE at schools all girls learn about these careers together, and have the support of their teachers, industry professionals, and each other.


The United States is experiencing a shortage of students interested in STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.) By 2020, it is projected that in the US we will face a 300,000+ deficit in talent to support STEM positions. Women in particular are extremely underrepresented in these career paths: they represent only 15% of the technology workforce, down from a high of 35% in 1980. By increasing the number of women choosing STEM careers, we invest in our nation’s future of gender equity, and position the United States to remain competitive in these vital industries.

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 IGNITE’s work is groundbreaking and award-winning. IGNITE and IGNITE’s Founder have received numerous accolades and have been recognized nationally and internationally


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