“I really enjoyed the panel. I feel that as a woman, my world just got a little bit bigger and I have opportunities no matter what my circumstances. Thank you!” -Chenoa, 11th Grade Learn more about your donation Inspire more

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The IGNITE program is award winning and effectively increases awareness and interest in STEM careers among self-identifying girls and non-binary students.

Volunteer Opportunities

Sign up for volunteer training Sign up for a 20 minute call- in training. Training held weekly during the school year. View all Volunteer Opportunities Here

The IGNITE Mission

IGNITE’s mission is to create opportunities to spark girls’ excitement about technology careers and inspire them to new possibilities. IGNITE lights them up. Self-identifying girls and non-binary students in grades K-12, and college from all backgrounds interact with professional women in technology careers during the school day. Young women and non-binary students glimpse themselves as innovators and entrepreneurs through stories of successful women who work and live in their communities. Working with teachers, IGNITE increases girls and non-binary students interest and participation in computer science and engineering classes.

With the growth and positive outcomes IGNITE has created, a demand for the program in elementary schools and colleges has arisen. IGNITE’s mission now encompasses girls and non-binary students at every level of their education.

IGNITE is a Unique Program

  • We train companies to have employees interact directly with the girls by suggesting activities that have been shown to increase STEM engagement for girls. Through this involvement they know they are making a difference in the girls’ lives.
  • The number of girls we impact is unparalleled by any other program. We work toward equity for girls by running STEM programs in public schools during the school day
  • When IGNITE is at a school, the girl enrollment in technology classes goes from under 10% to 30-80% 
  • We train teachers how to use the IGNITE model to produce the highest program quality possible
  • We train volunteers (employees) to be the best possible speaker and role model in the limited time they have for girls
  • We train companies in a suggested field trip model to produce the best outcome for girls and volunteers (employees).
  • We meticulously prepare every detail to ensure time spent with girls creates the positive outcome of girls in STEM classes and careers
  • We use education research-based best practices


Why “IGNITE Worldwide”?

 IGNITE has been volunteering at the World Affairs Council for many years. Many teachers and educational leaders visit our country and want to know about girls programs they can replicate in their own communities. IGNITE has offered workshops and the program at no cost for any community in the world who has that need and cannot afford to pay for it. We have established flourishing IGNITE chapters in Nigeria, Uganda and Ghana. After years of offering workshops at the World Affairs Council, IGNITE can be proud of the name- IGNITE Worldwide!