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STEM Video Contest for Girls and Non-Binary Students

We want to hear from you! Enter a video that is 90 seconds or less for the chance to win a prize up to $500. The contest has been extended to Friday, April 9th. 

IGNITE Panels: Learn from Women in STEM Careers

The Importance of Staying Connected

Finding a Mentor and Supporting Other Women

How to be Resourceful

Engineering Careers for the Non-Programmer with Microsoft

Valuing and Learning from Failure

Learning about Hireable Skills

You Don’t Need to be Perfect, Just Curious! Sponsored by Amgen

STEM Career Panel with Women of Comcast

Stay Safe Online! Tips with Microsoft Security Experts

Creating Spectacular Movie Experiences with Dolby

Creating Spectacular Music Experiences with Dolby

Want IGNITE Worldwide at your school?

  1. Find a STEM teacher or career counselor at your school to be your advocate.
  2. Ask your IGNITE teacher to complete this short training.
  3. That’s it! Your IGNITE teacher can now sign up for IGNITE panels, field trips, and workshops for all girls and non-binary students at your school.

Questions? Get in touch at contactus@ignite-worldwide.org

STEM Resources

More resources coming soon! If you are interested in featuring a STEM resource on this page (learning tools, internships, educational programs), please email contactus@ignite-worldwide.org to inquire.