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IGNITE chapter leader: Roderick Booker
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Latest IGNITE new & events:

  • Women of Color In Technology Symposium
  • February 19 Career Field Trip
On February 19, 2015, we took 17 girls from the Technology, Engineering and Communications High School on the Evergreen Campus to a Career Exploratory trip to General UI. General UI’s mission is to change the world by launching innovative mobile app products. General UI makes great software with great teams and have won many recognitions including Apple’s “Best Of” and accolades from Fortune and Fast Company. Millions of happy customers have contracted with General UI which specializes in iPhone and Android app development. These young ladies got the chance to take a tour of this fast growing company in Fremont, Seattle and got a chance to sit and talk in rotation with:

  • Daniela Tudor; who is the Community Development Manager. She shared her personal story and what her role and responsibilities is along with talking about the different career opportunities and paths to get into the technology field.
  • Megha Gulati; who is a developer at General UI and she shared her story of growing up in India and going to college in India and then coming to America where she came to General UI to create and develop new innovate games and productivity apps. She also showed the students a coding game where we all got a chance to play online along with helping each one of us to improve our coding skills.
  • Mike Strand; who is a Director of Prototyping; he had a great story of how he got educated for free in the field of technology and showed our students different demos of hardware and software and how to software hack and what to also look for.

Thank you to the IGNITE program for making this trip possible for these young ladies. This was a great experience for these young ladies who asked great questions and these students walked out even more inspired and motivated to get involved into the field of technology.