Microsoft Field Trip with Ingraham and Nathan Hale High Schools

It was a wonderful day and the girls had such an incredible experience. I want to thank the wonderful women at Microsoft who make this all possible. Thank you to Claire O’Donnell who works so hard behind the scenes to make these field trips happen. And a big thank you to Brooke Schynder who is representing IGNITE at Microsoft and works for us in all sorts of way. A big thank you to you both. And the wonderful tour leader at the home Jackie Giuliano, who always does such a great job for us.

We had a huge turnout of women to this event. First, thank you to Manisha Patel, Program Manager, and Fundraising Chair for the IGNITE Board and who was our tour leader for the day. She led us from our tour to our lunch location and then was on the lunch panel as well. A big thank you to all of our fabulous presenters. It was quite a dynamic discussion and great questions from the girls as well.( see below to read the girls comments) Thank you to all of our volunteers who shared their amazing stories and showed so much care in answering the girls questions.

Thank you to Betsy Norton-MIddaugh, Sr. Program Manager, Michelle Calkrins, Sr./OPS Program Manager, DeAnne Dodson, Principal Program Manager, Kathy Dodge, Lab Manager, Madonna Mayor, Operations Engineer 2, Manisha Patel, Program Manager, Olivia Teja Desilva, Sr. Solutions Manager, Corey Weathers, IT Test Engineer. You are all wonderful!!

A big thank you to the staff at Ingraham and Hale who care so much about the girls and work hard year after year to make IGNITE a priority for the girls. Thank you to Jackie Graupner, School Counselor, Shirley Osara, Athletic Secretary, Joan Bayley, technology teacher, April Lindner, ESL teacher, Carolyn Tertocha, Graphic Arts teacher.

Here are the comments from the girls evaluation forms.


  • Everything was good and I honestly learned a lot. I learned a lot about how to help me in my future career.
  • I liked the Home of the Future and loved the presentation with the speakers. I learned a lot about all different kinds of careers in technology. I wish we could do more trips to MIcrosoft. I thought this trip went very well.
  • I enjoyed the guest speakers a lot. I learned so much about many different career fields in technology. I look forward to doing more things with IGNITE.
  • I really enjoyed the home of the future and the panel discussion with the Microsoft speakers. I learned that careers in IT can make a big difference in your life and these careers can be great for women. I look forward to doing more with IGNITE.
  • Home of the Future was very interesting! I’m glad that I came. The presentations were very inspiring 🙂
  • Thanks so much! I learned a lot about computer engineering, that it requires a lot of work but it really pays off in the end. More trips like this one.
  • It was so interesting hearing about the women and how they got into these jobs. I learned a little about every job. Going to the house of the future was really cool. I loved everyone’s stories and what they had to go through to get where they are today. I wish we had more time. I did not want it to end. More field trips like this one. And more IGNITE everything.
  • I really liked how you don’t really need to go to college for 12 years, like being a doctor and you can still be so successful in these careers. I learned that women love their jobs and enjoy the working environment too.
  • I liked that they felt heard at their jobs. I wanted more time.
  • I liked the different professions that we learned about and the range of different high tech jobs. I also learned that being bilingual is helpful in these professions. You can travel and interact with new cultures as a part of some jobs.
  • I would love to do more events like this one and talk to more women in these careers. More IGNITE events.
  • I never got bored! The panel was very interesting , and it was really honest. Especially talking about that its hard work but its really worth it. And I learned that its never too late to be working in engineering. I thought everything was great.
  • I look forward to the job shadows.
  • I liked that there was a wide variety of people from different fields. I learned that you can start from any background and go into technology careers. I want more one on one time with the speakers. I would like to see more conferences like this one.
  • I liked hearing that this is a good paying job. It was great to hear about their jobs and how much they love their careers.
  • I heard that they make good jobs that interest me into learning. I think it could not be better. Its all good. I want to do more ignite events.
  • I liked everything for today. I learned that I can do anything that I want. I want to learn more and see where they work.
  • I loved hearing everyones life experiences. I loved hearing all about the passion they have for what they do.
  • I really enjoyed the home of the future, as well as their journeys to Microsoft. I found it interesting that one of the women had a degree in ancient history. Maybe use microphones.
  • I loved the women and the one man taking their time to present to us because I learned a lot. I did like hearing about the money people can make in technology. I look forward to doing job shadows.
  • Everything! It was all great. The guest speakers were very helpful giving out all of the information.
  • I love this program. Its all interesting for me.
  • I liked the home tour. I think it gives me a big hint about how to prepare and look at the future in a more beautiful way.
  • I think people went from job to job until they found what they really liked. Its an important part of learning also about what you do not like to do. I think this was great just the way it was. I want to do more things with IGNITE, like presentations, slideshows, pictures, and anything to learn more about technology.
  • I really enjoyed visiting the home of the future and the guests sharing their experiences. I learned how the speakers went about exploring their passions. This event was great! I want to do a job shadow and internship.
  • I learned a lot of things. I really liked when they told us about themselves. I learned that you can be anything you want. I wanted it to go longer.
  • I learned a lot. It helped me decide what my career is. EVerything was great. More time. I wanted to learn more about them.
  • I loved the presentation, and talk about the experiences and how they chose technology careers. I liked how the method choice which way is right. The plan and option will go. I will do anything to do with IGNITE. and technology.
  • I loved the speakers talking about computer science, it makes me think carefully about my future. It was interesting to hear that people love their jobs and that their lovely job is well paid. I am interested in doing all of the IGNITE activities and its all so exciting.
  • Everyone came from different backgrounds and aren’t just focused on a general job. Their jobs are all specific and a part of whatever goal there is. I heard that don’t only go for the money, when looking for a job and do something you actually enjoy.
  • That you need to find what you love and run with it. Find your goals and do things that get you closer to it
  • I learned a lot about all kinds of careers and what they liked about them. They got paid well and enjoyed the job. This event is perfect. I look forward to job shadows and I can see where they actually work.
  • The tour of the house was amazing. I really loved the new technology. I also loved the presentations. this event was already perfect.
  • I liked to listen to them talk about their careers or jobs. I also really enjoyed the home of the future.
  • I learned a lot about the different job roles and their salaries. I look forward to more IGNITE activities.
  • I loved the Home of the Future and people talking about their career and experience. I want to do more things.
  • When they talked about how they got involved in technology and some of the stories related to me. So it gave me something to think about. I also heard that more women are needed in technology;
  • I liked how the speakers were so open and that they came to talk to us. It was amazing!
  • I liked the “future life” in the morning. It is amazing that this can be in our homes in 5-10 years from now.
  • I really loved hearing the stories of these successful women 🙂
  • I look forward to doing more things.

Thank you all for making this very special day possible.



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