Teaching Kids Programming, Cleveland High School

We had a fabulous event Thursday November 10, at Microsoft. It was a TKP workshop, which stands for Teaching Kids Programming.

Cathy Sullivan and Rick Morelan were our lead teachers for this workshop. It was an amazing day and the girls were really thrilled at learning how to program in only a few hours time. They also received a thumb drive so they could go home and continue learning this program with many more activities on it. Cathy and Rick did an amazing job with the girls. They make it fun, entertaining and meanwhile the girls are learning so much. It’s a win-win all around. Thank you to our teacher mentors, who help girls during the workshop, Cassie and Sheerha, came to help, and they were wonderful with the girls. Cassie just graduated college and literally just started working at Microsoft, and shared her story with the girls. And Cathy and Rick also shared their story during lunch. It’s so nice to get that experience of having share your journey and also doing a great activity. The event had it all, including an amazing lunch provided by our host Brooke Schnyder.

Another treat, one of my students from Sealth HS, Shigeko Calos-Nakano, a senior, came by to share her IGNITE experiences with the girls, she is doing an internship this year at Microsoft and told the girls it was meeting me and doing IGNITE activities that inspired her to work at Microsoft. It was so wonderful to have her share her experiences. The girls were all freshman and sophomores, so it helped them see where they could be in just a short time.

And thank you to the wonderful teacher Susan Evans, Project lead the Way teacher at Cleveland who is doing such a great job inspiring the girls to be involved in IGNITE. We are so fortunate to have her.

Girls comments from evaluation forms

  • I learned how much this can change my life learning technology and all the careers choices.
  • I loved the way they teach us this workshop. I learned about the internship too. I loved learning how to make a small basic square and also learning about college. 
  • Now I know I want to work at Microsoft. I want to see every single thing in IGNITE.
  • I liked how the volunteers explained their own experiences. The event was perfect.
  • I liked getting to talk casually with the Microsoft people. Also I liked the how they answered all of my questions. I also liked finding out how much money they make.
  • I learned so many new things I did not know about. I found out that I could be very successful in this job. I thought this event was great. I really enjoyed it.
  • I did not know what I wanted to do with my life, but now I know.
  • I learned a lot about Microsoft and how to program a computer. I loved getting to watch the turtle move. More field trips like this one.
  • I really liked how we got a hand on experience.
  • I liked everything and learned a lot of stuff today.

This was a sample of what the girls said. They were all very impressed with how much they learned and now they know what they want to do!! Thank you everyone,


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