IGNITE Cleveland High School Presentation

We had a fabulous kick-off event at Cleveland HS with a really nice turnout. The girls were so excited about starting IGNITE and asked great questions too.

It was wonderful because we had a very special woman presenter. Thank you to Sekela Rabb, Network Engineer, who really talked to the girls about her story and worked hard to interact and help the girls discover so much more about technology careers. Sekela attends Seattle Central Community College and also presented at the Glitter event in October. It was there I discovered what a natural she is talking to the girls. Sekela’s supervisor came to take a video of the event, which we will post on the website. Thank you to Reginald Ball for taking time out of his day to be there at the event to document the visit with Sekela. The girls learned all about IGNITE and also got prepared for their visit to Microsoft last Thursday. They had a Presentation event and also visited Microsoft all in the same week! More about ┬áthe Microsoft TKP event in the next report.

A big thank you to a very special Project Lead the Way teacher, Susan Evans. Susan teaches Project Lead the Way, a Pre-Engineering Curriculum, as well as Computer Science. She rallied so many girls for this event and the one we attended on Thursday at Microsoft. It is such a pleasure to work with her.

Here are a few comments from the event to sum it up:

  • I loved the speaker Sekela, she really helped me understand technology careers and why they were great for women.
  • I loved hearing about IGNITE and all the things we get to do.
  • I learned a lot about college and what all my options were, and more about scholarships that I did not know.
  • That these women took the time to talk to us to learn about these kinds of careers.
  • That was great!

There are a lot of pictures to go with this event and we will let you know when they are posted. The announcement will be in the next newsletter.

Thank you,

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