Teaching Kids Programming, Sealth High School

Great event last Thursday for girls from Sealth H.S. Microsoft hosted this event in their computer lab. And to read more about TKP see below. We served 25 girls for this event. grades 9-12.

A big thank you for the mentor teachers for that event. Thank you to Ashley Myer, Steph Berg, Alli Curley and Cierra McDonald all from Microsoft. Thank you to DeAira Handugan, IGNITE teacher from Sealth HS. DeAira is a great IGNITE chapter leader and has done one IGNITE event each month, sometimes more! Thank you DeAira!

The girls learned so fast and they figured out new ways to create a design after they learned the basic program. They really had a great day.

Here are the comments from the girls evaluation sheets:

  • I learned a lot! Now I would really consider becoming a programmer. It was so interesting to see that the computer knew what I was doing before I knew. grade 12
  • To be honest, I loved everything about today. Everyone was so welcoming and I understood everything we did today. It was great. I learned a lot about internship and scholarship opportunities. grade 11
  • I learned that computer programming is great. And that it can help me a lot in life. I learned that computer programming can be a great skill to have and will help me in my future grade 10
  • Computer Programming is really fun! Learning to use small basic was my favorite part. I learned that technology is a fast growing field and a great career choice for women. grade 10
  • I really liked the work we did today! It was really awesome when we typed in the first letter and the word POPS UP, that would be helpful for an essay.
  • The software program was really cool!
  • The small basic program was really cool. It was great getting to meet the women. grade 10
  • What I liked best was that I was able to learn about basic programming because I had tried it at home but it was so much more interesting learning it this way.
  • I learned a lot about Microsoft and how great it can be to work for this company.       I learned about Steph and that she was a computer science major.
  • The employee who worked with us was very nice and helpful. I really liked learning about the technical aspect of the work we did today. The most interesting thing I heard today is that you can work in the XBOX section of Microsoft.
  • I thought the leaders were great. They were all so nice. Also the programming was pretty cool because it was easy to pick up. I learned a lot about all of the benefits of working at Microsoft. grade 10
  • What I liked best today were several things. I liked making the turtle dance, the food, and talking one on one with the employees about her experience and her story and Microsoft in general. It was great to learn about programming. I am already in IGNITE.
  • I loved talking to the employees and hearing how they got to where they are today. I also learned what they studied and what college they went to. I thought it was really interesting to learn programming and how to do the computer stuff. grade 10
  • I liked and enjoyed the computer programming, learning certain tricks and shortcuts. I learned more about programming and coding. grade 11
  • I loved learning about computer programming. The food was great. and Making the tortoise move was fun. grade 10
  • It was great to learn about computer programming. It was the best part.
  • All of it was great.  The people were nice and helpful. I liked that IGNITE has helped us so much. grade 12
  • I liked the whole day. Learning more about Microsoft was great. The programming was really fun.
  • Taking the quiz was fun and we had to guess the answers. I learned how to do it and get it all right.

Thank you all for making this day possible.
Cathi Rodgveller

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