Field Trip to Microsoft, The Center School and South Lake High Schools

What a fabulous event we had yesterday! The girls had a great time, and the women volunteers were amazing!

We had a tour of the Home of the Future and the Envisioning Center first, and then had a beautiful lunch and met with women from Microsoft, who shared their story with the girls. The girls came prepared with great questions which sparked wonderful discussions.
It was a very successful day.

I want to thank all of the wonderful people who made this day possible. Thank you to Brooke Schnyder and Claire O’Donnell who make this event possible each and every time. They make sure every detail is perfect, and that our day goes according to plan. These events would not be possible without the continued unwavering support of these fantastic women!

Thank you to the tour leaders at the Home of the Future and the Envisioning Center. Tiffany Dedeaux and Jackie Giuliano really do such a great job leading the tours and taking time to answer the girls questions. These tours are always such a big hit with the girls, and they get to see technology up close.

Thank you to the remarkable women who presented their story yesterday and answered all of the girls questions.
They really took such great care about connecting with the girls and making this experience so memorable.
It’s so special for the girls to hear the women’s journeys and to get to hear how they go to where they are today.
It makes quite an impact on them. You all did such an outstanding job with the girls. It is really a special experience to be a part of this event.

Thank you to Raelene Sanders, Senior Program Manager ( VIIT), Leeann Page Senior Program Manager, Kathy Thompson, UX designer, Katie Jo Meyer, Senior Diversity Program Manager, and Rachel Swenton, Solution Manager.

A big thank you to our masterful teachers, who work so hard to get the girls to these events. They care so much and I am so fortunate to get to work with them. They inspire their students each and everyday.

Thank you to Barbara Quintana, Career Center Specialist and Michelle Green, teacher at South Lake Alternative high school.

Here are the comments from the girls evaluation sheets.

  • All the powerful “women voices”” about technology and how their backgrounds were totally different. They were artists, nurses, etc, and ended up in technology.
  • I was interested that a lot of the women never imagined themselves working at Microsoft or even considered having a technical job. And they ended up loving it.
  • And it became their passion. This motivates me to think about this type of career.
  • I had the opportunity to learn about these interesting careers and the women’s experiences.
  • It was interesting to see projectors in the home and see how they were used.
  • I really liked the women’s stories and the tour of the house of the future. There is a lot of cool stuff coming in the next 10 years.
  • It was helpful to hear about the UW programs and the possibilities of scholarships to study these kinds of careers.
  • I liked that they women told us about their stories and it helped me understand what it takes to get there as a career in technology.
  • It was surprising that women are so under represented in technology careers.
  • I really liked that there was a women of color. I really enjoyed the panel discussion and hearing women’s struggles to get here and that you can job shadow them!
  • I liked seeing the House of the Future and learning about the wages women can make.
  • The most interesting thing I saw was the work on holographic technology and 3D things you won’t need glasses for. I liked the tour that showed us how this will become part of our daily lives.
  • I liked the bedroom in the smart house, and I loved the whole wallpaper idea. And I loved the technology that can help you with your health.
  • It was important to learn that Microsoft can use graphic designers and artists. I really liked hearing from the women about all of the possibilities that we can consider about our careers and that how this technology can help human life.
  • I learned a lot about the world of technology. And hearing the women, I learned a lot about the way they went into technology careers.
  • I loved seeing the Home of the Future and how much technology is changing our world. It was an incredible experience.
  • I learned a lot about how to be an artist and be in technology, from the woman who is an artist. And I learned that they want more women in technology careers.
  • I got to touch and try technology not yet released to the public, and that was fun! I learned about a program when you graduate college, that you can try any career field that you want at Microsoft. That sounds amazing.
  • The speakers were very friendly and I liked hearing about the wages that women in technology can make.
  • I loved the envisioning Center. The lady really explained all of the products and we got to try them.
  • The house of the Future was very interesting to me. I learned a lot of the stuff in development will be affordable to everyone! They will be sold at supermarkets and everyone will be able to have it.
  • I really liked all of the sustainable technology. It looked like it would be super expensive but as it turns out it will be affordable to everyone. I got lots of helpful advice on classes and college. Thank you sooo much, it really helped.
  • I really liked seeing the Home of the Future and we have a lot to look forward to regarding technology.
  • I really liked the house of the future and that this will be available to everyone.

Thank you all for making this day possible

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