Microsoft field Trip, Cleveland High School & Bethel High School

We had a fabulous field trip last Thursday, March 15th for Cleveland HS, and Bethel High schools. The girls had such a great time.

A big thank you to our sponsor Brooke Schnyder, who funds these tours for us and Claire O’Donnell who is volunteering to make these tours a great experience for the girls. Both of these women do much behind the scenes to ensure everything is perfect! And it always is.

We had a tour of the Home of the Future and the Envisioning Center. A big thank you to both Jackie Giuliano and Tiffany Dedeaux, who gave the girls an excellent tour and experience.

The girls talked about their tour experiences at lunch and were fascinated and so appreciative to get this kind of valuable look into technology in action. Thank you Jackie and Tiffany for always providing the best time for the IGNITE girls!

Thank you to the wonderful presenters who give of their time and passion to give a look into their personal stories and to inspire girls to consider these career choices. All of you were amazing and were able to provide sincere inspiration to the girls.

Thank you to Cheryl Platz, Senior User Experience Designer, Reham Abdelshahid, Service Manager, Muladdal , Program Manager, Sarah Filman, Program Manager, Sue Loh, Senior Developer, Windows Phone. It was such a great event because all of you connected with the girls and really were able to answer their questions and provide them a way to begin their own pathway into STEM careers.

Thank you to the wonderful teachers who brought all of the girls. Susan Evans, Project Lead the Way and CS at Cleveland HS STEM school, and Sandra Stephans-Avales, Career Specialist, Graham-Kapsasin HS, Robin Hodges, Career Specialist Bethell HS, and Chris Hamilton, bus driver. It is because we have such great teachers and school staff that the girls get to have these experiences.

Thank you! You inspire them everyday!

Here are the comments from the girls evaluation forms.

  • I liked learning about the many different jobs at Microsoft. I got to experience and see the things that I might have potential opportunity to help make. One of the most interesting things I learned was just how much technology is involved in our lives and how it will evolve in the future. I learned that going into technology is great and there is a demand for tech workers. It’s a flexible work life with lots of opportunities.
  • I liked that we can see some of the products of some of the employees research in the Envisioning Center. It made me want to try having a role at Microsoft too. I learned a ┬álot about these kinds of careers and how to get there.
  • I enjoyed the home tour and it really showed me a lot of what kind of home we might live in the future. I learned a lot about careers in tech and at Microsoft. I was happy to find out that work life and home life can be balanced and still be having a great job.
  • I learned that most of the women did not think they would like being in technology and once they came to Microsoft , they really liked their careers. It’s surprised them and me.
  • I loved the tour and getting to try and inventions. I also really loved the discussion with the panel! I’ve learned a lot and now want to consider a career with Microsoft. I really liked the jobs and careers. I am very thankful for this opportunity. I appreciate your time.
  • I liked the Home Tour AMAZING! Also learning about each person’s journey, to get where they are today at Microsoft. It was inspiring.
  • I liked the future house. It was amazing and so was the whole day.
  • I liked going to see the Home of the Future, and learning about all of the future possibilities that could happen. I really liked learning about all of the different jobs in technology and how they got into where they are today.
  • My favorite part was doing the Home tour. It was fun seeing how technology will advance in a couple of years. The panel was a great experience too.
  • The envisioning lab was amazing. I am very excited about the future of technology. I really liked learning about the careers at Microsoft. I did not know that I could work there, but now I know I can.
  • I liked how interactive it was in the Envisioning Lab. Also the Q and A session was very intriguing. I have a much better understanding of how important and helpful having a technical education can be. Many doors can open with knowledge of technology.
  • The home tour waas great. I see how there are endless possibilities because it showed me that with technology so many things can work with that. Its fun to watch and learn about. Also, hearing all of the personal stories because I learned that you don’t have to have your mind set on one thing, there are a variety of careers I could do. And I can also have hobbies that I love and enjoy. The speakers were very clear and had interesting stories that were presented well which made it easy to follow and understand.
  • Today I liked best the panel of Microsoft workers and their jobs and past jobs. I appreciated being able to see prototype projects that might exist in the future. I felt inspired to hear that we are a fortunate generation that has more opportunities then ever before. I thought the advice was great, because I want to major in business and technology, and have an edge for my future.
  • I liked how we were able to have interaction with technology and meeting all of these amazing people.
  • What I liked about today’s event most was the Q and A, It allowed us to get to know some of the people that work here and their motivations. I thought it was interesting that most of them did not even want to be in computers in the beginning.
  • I learned a lot and that these jobs are more than just programming. Working at Microsoft seems like a great career.
  • I liked visiting the Envisioning Center and try hands on stuff. I think now its going to change to get more women into these careers.
  • I thought the tour was amazing. And it was wonderful to see all of the technology that Microsoft hopes to achieve. I liked hearing that you can have a personal life and be in technology. I liked that you can travel in your career.

Thank you all for such a great day!


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