Microsoft Field Trip with Ingraham High School

We had such a great trip to Microsoft on November 17th. We went to the Home of the Future and the Envisioning Center at Microsoft. Each tour is one hour and the girls get to pick one tour to attend. Then we meet with women who work at Microsoft, from all over the company. Microsoft provides a great lunch and the women tell their story to the girls, and the girls get to ask questions. The girls prepare ahead of time so that they have thought about what they would like to learn on that day. The women really spend a lot of time answering the girls questions, and it turns into a fabulous discussion for everyone to connect and inspire. The tours were amazing and the lunch discussion was outstanding. As you can see from the girls comments below, they learned a lot and had a wonderful time doing it.

Thank you to all who made this day possible. Brooke Schnyder, Claire O’Donnell, Sue Kurian, Cathy Moya, Angela Chin, Anya Vigdorchik Stits, Kami Neumiller.

And to the wonderful teachers that worked so hard to make this event happen. Thank you to Janet Higgins, Tami Brewer and Steve Codling. It takes a team of people to make this event special.

And here are the comments from the girls survey forms. Thank you all for such an amazing day.
Cathi Rodgveller M.S. Ed.
Seattle Schools
IGNITE Director

What did you like the best about today’s event?

  • I like the all thing that I get from the today’s event. Most of the information is so good. I liked learning about the careers.
  • I really liked the envisioning lab. It was really cool and interesting to see the plans for upcoming future technology.
  • I like knowing that you don’t need to be into coding to get a job here, there is major emphasis on being able to offer ideas to Microsoft.
  • I like that I could make a lot of Money! Money!
  • The futuristic home. I am very excited that Microsoft also needs lawyers.
  • I like the Microsoft home. All things are very nice. I like everything.
  • I liked learning about the new technology; it was a lot of fun. I loved learning about all the different assets that come with working with Microsoft.
  • Everything! The innovations really inspired me and made me think about the future of technology. I have always loved technology stuff and the panel was amazing! (Also the lunch)
  • The home,I really enjoyed seeing what was going to happen in the future to our homes.
  • I like that they should us the next upcoming technology.
  • I like watching the videos and touching the technology in the lab and also listening to the ladies tell us about their jobs.
  • I like the future home and I like the way we got to ask the questions.
  • The most things I really like are all the projectors that they installed in the house, and how they could talk to the house.
  • I really like how the speakers have us so much info if we wanted to get a degree in the technical filed.
  • I like that they show us Future Home.
  • The tours were really informative. It taught me a lot about future technology, etc.
  • I really liked the tour and connections between it and considering a career.
  • Learning about all the programs and benefits Microsoft offers.
  • I like being able to see the innovations room, seeing what some people do at Microsoft .
  • I loved how everybody answered our questions and gave a lot of information about Microsoft and what it’s like to work there.
  • I like everything about today’s event but especially the Future Home. I liked the discussion with the Microsoft woman and I liked their explanations to our questions.
  • I loved to see the future technology and learn about what is going to happen. O also loved learning from the women that work at Microsoft.
  • Microsoft gets paid more and you can work anywhere in the world!!!!!
  • I like Future House, the technology, pretty much everything.
  • I really enjoyed touring the envisioning center. Meeting women that work at Microsoft is really cool and well.
  • I really liked how they let us test out the upcoming technology. It was really interesting to hear about how technology will change, and it interested me a lot, knowing I would be using these things in 5-10 years.
  • I like the new ideas of technical; the computer glasses, desk, screen, etc.
  • I like to get to see the technologies that Microsoft is planning on creating/researching, and prototypes.
  • What I liked best is that you can work anywhere; you can do anything you like in Microsoft.
  • Wow! I like all things. It is amazing. I learn a lot. The house all things teach a lot of knowledge, all things control by technology, so it is so fantastic.
  • The new home and the technology. Talking to the female Microsoft workers and how they are pleased with their job.
  • Future home! Exhibit. That was really interesting especially the displays on the wall instead of posters.
  • I liked how I could get more into on what I need to do to get into a good job that I enjoy. I liked how there were people you could ask.
  • I liked the panel and also the area around the house with technology. I learned a lot here and that it made my choices with technology become broader.
  • What was the most interesting thing that you heard today?
  • I was so interesting that I had seen in the Microsoft. It is good to visit it. I saw and I got information about the Home Part. I really like it. It was the best thing and that shows the technology is growing up.
  • I found it really interesting that there are so many computer/technology related jobs out there.
  • Knowing that internships can help get a job here.
  • Money and you could work anywhere.
  • That Microsoft has legal team of about 600 lawyers.
  • The Microsoft home. It’s really interesting I am very excited.
  • That there are Microsoft companies outside country and that you can go to college out of country, come back and work.
  • How the technology in the future will advance so much that it could eventually be disposable!
  • All the benefits Microsoft gets.
  • That Microsoft has a lot of jobs available.
  • That there a lot of jobs available but not many people are striving for it.
  • The time period you can come and go to Microsoft.
  • You can talk to the house! And you can see where your family by checking from the projector.
  • The most interesting thing is that it is so easy to get into this job if you had your degree.
  • That they get paid a lot and they have a good health care.
  • .The flexibility of the job and environment.
  • How easy it is to get a job at Microsoft and that they hire right out of college.
  • I heard that Microsoft goes to college campuses and hires people right out of school.
  • The most interesting thing I heard today is the plans they have for technology in 5 to 10 years.
  • The most interesting thing that I heard to day was that even people that didn’t get a degree in technology are still able to get a job at Microsoft.
  • The most interesting thing that I’ve heard to day is that how future home works and how it’s going to be after 5 or 10 years and also the information that the women told us and the pay rate or the salary.
  • I learned the salary is amazing and you don’t get bored because you can switch jobs within the company.
  • Doesn’t matter how old you are you can go work in Microsoft. And if you are an intern you can be paid.
  • That even high school students can be internships and get paid.
  • I don’t know. I think it’s amazing how they think about stuff 10 years in advance.
  • The most interesting thing I heard was probably the fact that they take kids right from college and give them an internship.
  • How much you can get benefits.
  • The benefits and internships Microsoft has.
  • That Microsoft works with 600 lawyers & that there are jobs for any kind of personality.
  • The most interesting are bedroom. To know all information about your city, world that was so awesome. I like it!
  • That is it very fun and easy to work at Microsoft and have a flexible schedule.
  • The most interesting thing I’ve heard that there were internships for juniors.
  • All the benefits that Microsoft has to offer!

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