Panel Presentation at Sammamish High School

Hi All

We had a really inspirational presentation at Sammamish! I have had a number of girls express their interest in attending the next meeting, hoping to learn more about the wonderful careers where they could be successful. There was really great discussion and points brought up by the speakers, and we could have been there longer, as a few of us saw the girls eager to learn more about our programs and possible career paths. The speakers were wonderful. The stories and experiences were so heartfelt, inspirational, and had great messages to pass on. Each woman was able to share an individual experience and passion, which is the heart of what we do in IGNITE.

The presenters all shared their stories and successes and obstacles in such a real way that all felt truly inspired. The group also had fun and their enthusiasm was contagious. It is obvious how much the panel all love coming in to talk to the girls. We are so fortunate to have the amazing women volunteers that we have. I am looking forward to having this kind of experience again as we continue with our meetings.

We want to thank our speakers: Christine Alluise, Shenal Shirole, Ilyse Wagner, Mei-Yuei Lee, Cassi Miller, Kathy Thompson, and Carla Villoria. They were all exceptional speakers, had wonderful points to speak about, and really connected with the young women. It was thrilling to hear all of them and watch the girls get inspired!

Thanks to the staff that came in and who contributed to the event – Elaine Caufield (CTE Coordinator), Ortansa McDonald (Career Specialist), Estelle Collins (CTE Director).

To give a good idea of the impact you all made, take a look at the comments from the girls, who always say it best!!

  • I liked hearing how they each chose their job.
  • You don’t need to be super smart and know everything to get a good job in technology.
  • I liked how the women here were so supportive of having other women join.
  • The speakers were very well-chosen and funny and engaging.
  • I liked hearing about the different fields involved in technology.
  •  The information the speakers gave was very interesting.
  • The speakers stories make me motivated to get into engineering.
  • …the 54-year old that just got into the business.
  •  Graphic design is a super-legit job!
  • I got to learn more about what I originally wanted to do when I graduate.
  • Math isn’t always a necessity, although it does help.

These girls all commented that they learned a lot, and are looking forward to learning more about the field of technology and engineering. They are looking forward to more presentations, field trips, internships/job shadows, etc. It is so great to see them getting excited about exploring these fields further!

As I’ve already mentioned: what a fabulous experience for these girls! I want to thank everyone who contributed to our meeting of IGNITE.

Becky Quay

IGNITE Chapter Coordinator

Math/Engineering Teacher

Head Coach Track and Field

Sammamish High School