Girl Geek and IGNITE May Fundraiser

Seattle Girl Geek Dinners and IGNITE were excited to partner in our first fundraising event to support IGNITE’s mission: to educate and increase exposure of STEM related careers to young girls, on May 16th. The event was held at the Microsoft Visitor Center and was sponsored by PACE Staffing IT Group.Audience and Cathi GG Event

Seattle Girl Geek Dinners community and IGNITE have formed a partnership to achieve the following:

Girl Geek Audience 1

  • Volunteerism: Increase the number of mentors and event volunteers for IGNITE programs
  • Company sponsorship: To seek financial endorsement from corporations for IGNITE programs to continue to grow and make an impact at a local and international level

It is our job, as a community to increase the the representation of women in STEM and support educational programs that inspire the next generation of women on the career options available to them in the fields of science and engineering.
GG Event Students and CathiWe had a great evening of networking and fun, as we toured the Microsoft museum and heard the founder of IGNITE, Cathi Rodgveller, discuss the IGNITE mission, program, and how we, as a local women’s community can impact the future of women in STEM related careers. We also heard inspiring stories directly from the IGNITE Alumni.GG Event Student

We would like to again thank PACE Staffing for sponsoring this event and making this fundraiser possible!