Mount Rainier HS Panel Luncheon


In partnership with IGNITE, Mount Rainier High School had thirty-five high school girls attend the Women in Tech Luncheon to hear from a panel of four fabulous and inspiring female professionals in Technology fields. We had the honor of hearing from Megan Olsen, Sarah Squire, Kate Chan, and Sheridan Zig. These women shared their personal career journeys and relatable stories of challenges they faced along the way. They told the girls about their lives, work, and education, and also got them thinking about how their current interests could lead to exciting, fun, and lucrative jobs in technology and beyond. A powerful message from many of the speakers was “hard work pays off”. The students were engaged and intrigued! Many of them said that the panelist helped them see the connection between their school work and future career. A special THANK YOU to IGNITE for supporting our young ladies and making this event possible!

WiT 2015 Collage

Quotes from students:

“Tech is a fun field and I can do a lot of things if I put effort into it!” – Sonia, 10th grade

“You have to believe in yourself and hard work pays off!” – Alondra, 11th grade

“This opened my eyes to the possible paths I could take for my career and pushes me to learn as well as enjoy it in the process.” – Matiah, 9th grade

“Whatever challenges come in your career, you can overcome. You can define your own path.” – Emma, 12th grade