Evergreen HS Women of Color In Technology Symposium


I wanted to say Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and for taking time out of your busy schedules to come to our 2nd Annual Women of Color In Technology Symposium on last Friday!! It was a great success and you impacted many young ladies! Check out the survey responses we got back:


  • 93% said this experience helped them better understand their future career interests and plans after high school.
  • 81% said this experience motivated them to do better in school.
  • 96% said we should offer this experience again in the future.


“I think that now I should open up to experiences because it can lead to bigger things.” – Shania


“If I fail, it’s another opportunity to keep on trying and learn more.” – Sabrina R.


“Hearing the struggles from other women like me gave me faith to not give up on my goal.” – Banya N/.


“I learned to be proud of your cultural backgrounds and failures to figure yourself out.” – Leslie C.


“I learned to not give up and overcome challenges.” – Brandi T.


“Do your best in high school and get all the knowledge you can get while you can.” – Malalea V.


“I loved the personal experiences they shared.  They were inspiring.” – Anonymous


“They went through a lot more than I have so it makes me want to try harder.” – Alexandria H.


This was  because of the impact you all had on these young ladies!! Thank you so much!! I also wanted to give a special shout out to Cathi Rodgveller and Elizabeth Dewar from IGNITE  for their continual help and support in making this happen for the second year in a row!!!


Have a fun and safe Holiday!!!


Thank You!!



Roderick C. Booker