Evergreen Campus at TUNE

Host: TUNE
Highline Schools:
Technology, Engineering & Communications High School
(Evergreen Campus)
April 21, 2016

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Hi All,

We had a fantastic event last Thursday at TUNE, where the girls got to tour TUNE’s two downtown offices and got a sneak peek into what happens inside of TUNE. They loved the tours and especially enjoyed the inspiring panel of women who shared their stories with the girls. It was a great first visit to TUNE and the women care so much about providing meaningful information and illuminating why these careers choices are so great for women.


Thank you to Ali Wulf and Sabrina Oldham for all the coordination to organize the awesome day that was planned for the girls. And thank you to Sabrina Oldham and Cortney Bigelow, Community Marketing Manager, for leading the office tours.


Thank you to our IGNITE panel volunteers: Hilary Prather, Software Development Engineer, Sarah Strano, Software Development Engineer, Eve Rallo,Director of UX, and Kristine Delosstanos, Software Development Engineer. You were amazing with the girls and it is so special to be a part of that experience. Thank you all for making this day so great for the girls.


Thank you to the devoted teachers from Technology, Engineering & Communications High School who work so hard to make these opportunities happen for their students. Thank you to Roderick Booker, College & Career Access Specialist, and Samantha Wing.


Here are the comments from the girls’ survey forms. They always say it best.


I enjoyed telling people a fun fact about me liking poetry & I like doing hands-on work so I feel like this job would really be for me. Grade 10

I enjoyed hearing about peoples’ experiences. Grade 9

Some highlights for me are: The dog-friendly environment! Comparing our lives to theirs (the panelists), learning persuasive strategies of how to succeed, and the coffee machine! Grade 10

I enjoyed travelling to different buildings for the tour. Everything was perfect. Grade 9

I enjoyed hearing peoples’ stories, the food, and the Q&A portion with the panelists. Grade 9

I liked the food, touring the offices, and the Q&A with the panel. Grade 9

I liked hearing from the panel where they explained everything in their experience from high school to now and how college helped them to learn things that are useful. Grade 11

This event inspired me to never give up and keep striving. Grade 11

I liked touring the headquarters & listening to the panelists. Listening to the panelists made me think of summer internships during my junior/senior year. Grade 9

I liked when we talked as a group and heard everyone’s story. Grade 9

I enjoyed seeing the types of jobs I can find and what careers I might like. Grade 10


Thank you all for making this such a special day,

Rupi Sureshkumar