Women in Technology Luncheon at Mt. Rainier HS


This year’s annual Women in Tech Luncheon hosted Rams from many different backgrounds, grade levels and interests. Our student honorees were nominated by their teachers; honored as being interested in tech or having clear potential for tech greatness. These young ladies were greeted by four extraordinary local professionals with an
abundance of experience, skill and passion for the power of technology. Throughout the event, students chatted with professionals, asked questions during the panel and enjoyed lunch together. They talked about the many experiences along their college and career journeys, the background they bring to their work, and the potential tech has to
change the world.

While WIT is an event that allows the exploration of the many careers in the tech industry, it is also an event that celebrates what it means to be a woman within the industry. Honorees and panelists connected about the struggles and triumphs and well as shared in the collective experience of self-doubt and the power behind self-confidence. Messages included “Be brave. Take risks. Know you are worthy.” Messages that left our honorees feeling empowered, and able to mobilize their dreams; one day at a time. As one young lady said, “I got very inspired to pursue my dream career; someone who used to be in my life used to highly discourage me, but now I am ready to persevere.”


I think this program will make me more encouraged in school and push me further… (It) inspired me to be okay with taking risks in what I want to do.”
Citalalli Grijalva, 9th Grade
“We have a voice, a perspective to offer; using it to stir new ideas– being brave enough to speak up. That’s extraordinary.”
Jenn Hunter, WIT 2016 Panelist
“There’s literally no space where technology cannot connect with your passion. Anyone can create products, but extraordinary people create products that change the world.”
Katie Stone Perez, WIT 2016 Panelist


Thank you for your support! To our sponsors and partners, IGNITE, La Costa Mexican Restaurant and Starbucks– thank you for supporting the belief that our girls are extraordinary! This fantastic event could not have happened without you! #MRHSuccess