TUNE House Roadshow at Todd Beamer HS


Todd Beamer High School hosted Tune and Tune House residents for a panel and lunch to share their experiences as women in technology careers.  Over 30 young women learned about the Tune Company and its founders.  They learned about the low percentage of women in tech careers and were excited that Tune House was opened to help women focus on skill building, education and mentoring while staying at the Tune House.  Highlights were FREE rent, FREE food, FREE lap top and the guidance and support of your roommates and mentors.

The students asked great questions of the panelist and learned that though all of the current residents of TUNE House currently attend University of Washington that it wasn’t a requirement – as long as they were pursuing a career and degree in technology. They enjoyed learning that not all of the panelist were great math students in high school, but were now successful in STEM careers.

tune2 tune1


Student Takeaways:

  • I enjoyed the panel, after my father passed away I wasn’t doing well. I have been looking into careers and colleges and now have straight A’s. I think TUNE House would be a wonderful opportunity to explore. C.S – 11th grade
  • I loved how informative the panel was and how enthusiastic they were about their jobs. Ericka, 12th grade
  • It was cool to find out that women in technology are in demand. Chenca, 11th