World Affairs Council- IGNITE Workshop


Dear International Visitors,

It was a sincere honor and pleasure to meet all of you last week at the World Affairs Council.

Hearing your stories, and your career journeys was amazing. Each one of you is an accomplished leader in your countries and communities.

I hope you keep in touch with IGNITE and let us know if you would like to set up a chapter in your communities when you get home.

And please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

IGNITE does workshops for the World Affairs Council upon request. When the International Visitors Program has a delegation interested in learning more about inspiring girls in STEM careers, IGNITE is called to do that. Thank you to Taylor Timinsky, our International Visitors Program Manager. She attends all of the workshops, makes sure we have everything we need. Thank you to Taylor for making this all possible!

It is with great appreciation to the World Affairs Council to call on IGNITE to provide these opportunities to visiting delegates from all over the world. We offer the program for free in developing countries.

This month we were able to start chapters in Rwanda, Uruguay and Poland. We look forward to providing more workshops in the future and continuing our work with the WAC. We have been working with them since 2006!

Here is the most recent delegation in a picture below.

Iraq Dr. Arafat Rajab Ahmed AL SOWAGE

Director, Scientific Office

Marine Science Center

University of Basrah


Palestinian Territories Ms. Rasha ZAAROUR
Project Engineer

Al‑Reehan Villas, Old Leaders Contracting Company

Ramallah, West Bank


Sudan Dr. Saada Naeil Ahmed ELMAHI


Agro-Technology Department

National Center for Research