Broadview Thomson MS and Nathan Hale HS at Microsoft Coding Workshop



Today 60  students from Nathan Hale HS and Broadview Thomson MS attended the IGNITE field trip to Microsoft. Students learned how to code, had a working lunch while they talked with Microsoft professionals, then ended our time hearing from a panel of women about their job journey. Our students challenged themselves today by learning something new. They came away with a greater understanding of how their choices today effect their options for their future and see that the key to success is to never give up. Thank you to every panelist who shared their inspiring story and helped make a difference in these girls lives. Thank you to everyone at Microsoft who helped plan this incredible day and all the amazing volunteers that gave their time.

After attending this event:

of students are more 
interested in STEM

of students want to 
study harder and graduate

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Comments from the girls

I had a really great time visiting Microsoft and learning about computer science!  Listening to all the women talk about their experiences in computer science was very inspiring. I never thought I could ever be a good coder because I am bad at math and coding in general. Before this, I didn’t have any interest in studying computer science in high school or college. Now I think it’s something I want to try! I really enjoyed using Small Basic and I would like to try to use it at home! Also, thank you very much for providing a delicious lunch for us!

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-Ava, 7th Grade



The panel talk was my favorite part of going.  Pepsi was really inspiring to me during lunch. Pepsi said that if a girl from Compton, CA can do it then so can anyone. It really boosted my confidence that you can succeed if you try your best. All of them helped me understand that I have a lot of time to figure out what I want to be.  I do not need to stick with something for right now that I need to expand my options. Thank you so much for inviting Broadview Thomson girls to Microsoft. 

-Camila, 8th Grade



I had a very fun time learning about the different types of jobs you could do there. Also coding was very fun and different, I never knew games were made from coding! I also want to thank you guys for offering us lunch, and also the panel talk was nice too because hearing the different experiences made me even more influenced then before.

-Lina, 8th Grade




I enjoyed the speakers talking about their lives and what made them want to do what they do. Really, I only went for the food, but when I arrived to Microsoft and we started coding and people started talking about what they do it got interesting... When we were coding I started to get a little frustrated I told myself to slow down and just enjoy my experience there. After, it got fun coding. I want to continue coding because right now it’s becoming interesting. Thank you for providing our lunch, it was delicious. I can’t wait to go back.

-Seki, 8th Grade



The lessons at the beginning were Awesome. I love what we learned in small basic. I loved it so much that when I got home I downloaded this and did more coding. The lunch was amazing, and the gift bag was cool too. But I came for the coding. My favorite part was when we made the turtle move and make different shapes.

The women on the panel were truly inspiring. Inesha was really cool. I loved her story and how she got into coding. Because of what Microsoft and IGNITE do I was able to go and this raised my interest in computer science and coding through the roof. I hope to come to more IGNITE events to learn more about coding. Also, the lady teaching the coding portion was really cool.

-8th Grade Student




Before I went on this field trip, I wasn’t really interested in studying computer science. After listening to the panel and doing some coding, I realized that I might want to become a intern at Microsoft or google. Working with the women who work at Microsoft was really fun. They were all very nice and very helpful

-Sidni, 7th Grade


I am also thankful for the ladies who spoke to us in the panel talk. I think it’s cool to listen to their journey of success, and it inspires me that I can do anything if I want it enough and work for it enough.

-Sovannary, 8th Grade


I really enjoyed all of the speaker’s speeches on how they got to Microsoft. I enjoyed the Simple Basic coding and thought it was fun. I have already done coding before with another coding site but thought this one is more realistic to how coders do it and would be glad to do it again. Working with the woman that work in Microsoft was also really cool when we were coding and were helpful while coding.

-Frida, 8th Grade



I had a really fun time and I loved hearing about all of your stories.   They were really interesting about how you guys had struggled and your doing so amazing now.  All the things you guys talked about really got to me. My favorite part was when we coded turtles. I learned a lot about it. When we got water bottles for knowing the correct answer.

I really enjoyed Pepsi talking. She talked about how when she was la little kid she did not get that many good grades. She struggled and I feel like I connected with her a lot. She made it seem like there were so many opportunities for females now a days. All of it was really fun. I would love to do it again.

-Kayla, 8th Grade




I had a really great time. My favorite part was lunch and not just because of the food. Some of the other girls and I got to talk to one of the women. She really inspired me to go into a tech field. Even more than I wanted to before. I also liked the panel. All the women that talked were very inspiring, especially Pepsi.  I remember her saying, “If a girl from Compton can work in tech, a girl from Seattle definitely can!” It gave me more confidence to work for a career in tech. She made me feel like I could do it and that even making bad choices when you are young doesn’t mean your whole life is ruined.

Thank you all for giving me the chance to meet all these amazing women in the career I want to go into.

-Keira, 8th Grade










Thank you from Nathan Hale HS and Broadview Thomson MS!