IGNITE Panel at Thomas Jefferson HS

The Federal Way School District and IGNITE hosted a Women in Technology Panel at Thomas Jefferson High School.   The panel consisted of a software engineer, program manager, and service operations manager from Microsoft and REI.  Each woman shared her technology career journey and the importance of education.

After hearing about three very different journeys, the twenty-two students leapt at the opportunity to ask the panel questions.  The questions ranged from ethics in advancing technology, to how to turn your hobbies into a technology career. Shawna Straub advised, “Figure out what you like…are passionate about and find areas in IT that work for what you want to do.”


After the Panel

of students are more 
interested in STEM

of students want to 
study harder and graduate


Small group conversations continued over pizza, where both the Women in Technology and the students kept the conversations going.  In the smaller groups, the students were able to ask more questions and get more in-depth answers.  

The girls are more interested in careers in technology and engineering after joining this Ignite Women in Technology panel. Thank you, Kimberly Mach, Sue Santos, and Shawna Straub!   You are an inspiration to the students and me!  

Jenn Hunter, IGNITE Ambassador

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