Highline HS at Microsoft Devices

On Thursday, December 14th , 33 young women in grades 9th-12th attended the Microsoft Devices Field Trip.  Students were shocked as we pulled up to the Microsoft Campus, they had no idea how big it was and said it resembled a college campus.  We were greeted by Allison Korczynsk who welcomed the girls with a huge smile! 

We went to top secret places and were not allowed to take pictures.  The worlds quietist room and the applied science lab were two things I have repeatedly heard the girls talk about.  Gopal Gopal, the engineer who created the worlds quietest room was wonderful with the students, and knew how to make them laugh.  They also loved the panel that took place during lunch.  Betty’s story really resonated with many of the girls and we truly appreciate all of the stories we heard from Taryn, Rebecca. Lauren, Sufen and Kyra. 

After this event:

of students are more
interested in STEM

of students want to
study harder and graduate

of students are interested
in taking a STEM class 

When asked about the highlights of the day, students said:

“Something I really like about today was seeing how everyone working is really motivated and enjoy their job so much.  This really inspires me to study”

“Inspired me to apply to colleges I may not get into”

“When they were taking about their career, especially Betty’s story”

“The bio engineering room was the highlight of my day, I enjoyed finally getting a closer look at everything that interests me”

“I am more interested in the STEM field because the things and the people do seem really cool”

“The panel during and after lunch made me feel not alone in being a girl in a male dominated career.  It also inspired me and made me feel like I can do anything I want”

“I love their personal stories.  It made me more motivated to pursue my dreams”

“This event inspired me to try different things and always try to do my very best”